The buffalo of green salami (and the real vegan delicatessen)

    These days the image of theSalads, a salami of lettuce, rocket and escarole. The photo, however, is a sensational hoax, while it is real that it opened in Montemurlo Vegan Delicious, the first totally vegan delicatessen in your country.

    The web does not spare the funny jokes about the world of vegans and vegetarians, but this time the idea that a common meat salami could turn into a veg product had created endless squabbles. But the Salad is yet another hoax circulating on Facebook, the image is that of a sausage whose colors have been changed: from reddish to green.

    “Made with chicory, lettuce, rocket, escarole, radicchio, valerian, dandelion and garlic. The fat is obtained from the centrifugation of precious vegetable oils and salted hazelnut butter ”, this is the description of the elusive salami.

    The buffalo of green salami (and the real vegan delicatessen)

    But the veg alternatives to sausages exist, instead, on the shelves of Vegan Delicious, the first veg delicatessen that opened its doors in the province of Prato in Tuscany, where it is possible to find substitutes for cutlets, hamburgers and much more.

    What is Vegan Delicius? A former village butcher's shop converted into a 100% vegetable artisan food laboratory, where Marcos replaces cows, pigs, calves and chickens with potatoes and beets. All products are certified and the company's founders themselves are vegan.

    A cruelty-free delicatessen that respects animals and the environment and is very popular with those who do not choose veganism out of fashion. What do we find in the refrigerated counter?

    "'Gli Stagionato' or spicy vegetables, sausages and seasoned for a long time, 'I Cotti', that is vegetables and legumes expertly cooked with the scents of the garden and 'I Freschi', dark preparations based on legumes, are the three lines of products that combine the cruelty free innovation of Vegan Delicious with the gastronomic excellence of your traditional country ".

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    The buffalo of green salami (and the real vegan delicatessen)

    In short, to put it simply, there are cold cuts and cheeses made of potatoes, beets and fennel and then all the common spices used to flavor the classic salamis. Still the soy mozzarella.

    The target?

    "Converting a space that was steeped in death into an environment where you can breathe life: a company in which no animal or derivative will enter anymore.", Comments Marcos.

    We invite you to the tasting challenge. Other than green salami!

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