Inner strength: how to cultivate it to live well

Interior strenght: let's find out what it is and how to develop it strategically.

Inner strength: how to cultivate it to live well

The world breaks everyone and then many are strong right at the broken points.

Ernest Hemingway

In this article we learn more about inner strength: what it is, how to develop it and why it is so important.

Just like in skills and abilities, too inner strength can be cultivated and taken care of in our personal growth path.

The more we've tried not to get out of our comfort zone and the more we've neglected our growth, the more likely we are to have poor internal strength.

But first let's see what the meaning of interior strenght.

What is inner strength?

Inner strength: how to cultivate it to live well

Over the decades, many people have dealt with the subject of inner strength, but I have never found a definition that satisfied me.

For this reason I will make an example to make you understand what inner strength is.

Imagine having to lift a fairly heavy object.

The greater your muscle strength, the less effort you will feel.

A bodybuilder, for example, would make little effort to lift a 10 kilogram weight, while a sedentary person would feel more effort and therefore a higher stress level.

Inner strength causes a similar effect, the stronger we are internally, the less psychological and emotional strain we will perceive to carry out certain actions.

We can therefore say that inner strength is our inner muscle which defines which actions are difficult and which are easy.

Why Increase Inner Strength?

Inner strength: how to cultivate it to live well

Cultivating one's inner strength has many perceptible benefits every day of our life.

  • Less feeling of anxiety and stress
  • Increase of one's life horizons
  • Less concern for the judgment of others
  • Superior adaptability
  • Right assessment of the world around us
  • Less internal conflicts
  • Best overall happiness level
  • Less feeling of difficulty in daily challenges

It follows that the greater our inner strength, less difficulty we will have in making decisions, in relating to others and ultimately, living better.

Let's see now how to cultivate inner strength.

5 ways to cultivate your inner strength

Inner strength: how to cultivate it to live well

# 1 Raise awareness of yourself

What does self-awareness have to do with inner strength?

You must know that the person we are today is the result of the life we ​​have lived up to this very moment.

The experiences we have lived have shaped our character, our body and our mind.

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the person we have become and this causes a misalignment with the person we are.

Maybe you have happened to think one thing and do another.

The greater the awareness we have of ourselves, the better our self-esteem and our internal strength, thanks also to the removal of the frictions that are created when we do not know ourselves.

A starting point for truly knowing yourself is the Self-Discovery Journal.

# 2 Build healthy self-esteem and self-efficacy

Self-esteem, self-confidence and above all self-efficacy play a decisive role in the quality of our life.

Self-efficacy in particular is the confidence we have in ourselves projected into the future.

The better our self-efficacy, the less anxiety and the feeling of not being able to do it or not being able in the period leading up to our actions.

Consequently, developing self-esteem and self-efficacy is vital for increase our mental strength from within.

If you feel particularly lacking in self-esteem and self-efficacy, take a look at my free mini course to boost self-esteem.

# 3 You give your life direction

Why does having direction in our life make us stronger inside?

If you have lived part of your life coming into contact with the confusion of not knowing what to do or where to go, you know well feeling of inner weakness that you try.

If, on the other hand, we manage to give a direction, even vague, to our existence, recognizing our passions, our values ​​and our mission, everything changes.

When we choose a direction we unleash an unexpected internal strength, enthusiasm, creativity and positivity.

However, giving direction to your life and finding the right mission for us is not easy.

A good starting point could be the wheel of life to understand where we are right now.

# 4 Value your body

They have accustomed us to thinking that physical appearance does not matter, that all in all it is good as we are and that it does not matter if this makes us feel bad.

Too bad this is not the case.

If our physical state precludes us from being free, satisfied and happy, our inner strength will also be at the expense.

When our body does not fully satisfy us, we go to create limiting beliefs and we give credit to disempowering idioms that undermine our lower strength.

If you perceive an inner weakness due to the lack of care of your body, this is an aspect to work on.

# 5 Work on the past

Whether we like it or not, whether we are aware of it or not, our past determines who we are today.

Especially our more distant past, where the foundation of our character, from which it is possible to recover great awareness of oneself and an unexpected strength.

To work on your past take a look at this article.

Other habits and behaviors that improve inner strength

Inner strength: how to cultivate it to live well

For completeness, we summarize what we have seen up to this point by integrating with other strategies.

  • Raise awareness of yourself
  • It develops self-esteem and above all self-efficacy
  • Give direction to your existence
  • Get your body back in shape (even if they tell you not to)
  • Work deeply on your past
  • Meditate consistently (even a few minutes)
  • Get out of the comfort zone, life is not a prison
  • Overcome the mistakes of the past that pollute your present
  • Surround yourself with people with great inner strength
  • Reduce energy vampires from your life
  • Work on your resilience

I hope this article has been useful for you to increase your inner strength, if so, please share it.

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