Barley: 10 winter recipes

We love the classic risotto very much but we also appreciate its variations, such asbarley. It is a good idea to introduce different grains and foods into our diet beyond pasta and rice, which are among the most common ingredients on your country's tables.

Barley has a distinctive taste that goes well with herbs, spices and vegetables. Here is a racollection of recipes which you can inspire yourself to learn a prepare the orzotto with many different ingredients suitable for the winter season.


Barley with leeks and potatoes with saffron

A recipe to prepare this dish especially suitable for autumn and winter. This is thebarley with leeks and potatoes with saffron. Leeks and potatoes are perfect in combination to prepare excellent soups and soups, but also as a condiment for barley. THU recipe.

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Turmeric barley with cabbage and beetroot

After saffron, here is a suitable spice to combine with your barley and really healthy: the turmeric. Among the other ingredients that you will need to prepare this dish we find cabbage and beetroot. THU recipe.

Barley with porcini mushrooms

THEbarley with porcini mushrooms it is presented as a typical dish of Trentino. For the dressing, in addition to porcini mushrooms (which you could possibly use dried), you will also need rosemary, chives and white wine. THU the complete recipe. THU another useful recipe.


Barley with artichokes

Among the ingredients that you can use to prepare your barley between the end of winter and spring we find the artichokes. They will also serve you vegetable broth, parsley, onion, extra virgin olive oil and a clove of garlic. THU the complete recipe.

Pumpkin barley with almonds and rosemary

Another great ingredient to prepare the orzotto is the pumpkin. You can combine it with rosemary and almonds. You can also prepare toasted almonds in a pan or in the oven to enrich the orzotto with a touch of crunchiness. THU the complete recipe.

Barley with broccoli

A really simple recipe to prepare a very light version of the orzotto thanks to broccoli and a few other ingredients, such as vegetable broth or water, extra virgin olive oil and leeks. THU the complete recipe to prepare thebarley with broccoli.

Barley with lentils

Here is a really interesting version of the orzotto that you can prepare with hulled barley, dried lentils, ginger, bay leaf, celery, carrots and onion. THU the complete recipe to prepare thebarley with lentils.

Barley with red radicchio

Another typical ingredient to prepare the orzotto is the red radish, which is often used in risotto but which is also great in combination with barley to prepare a really tasty dish. THU the complete recipe to inspire you.

Barley with chickpeas and saffron

Another excellent legume to combine with barley, in addition to lentils, is represented by chickpeas. You can use the dried chickpeas to soak and cook or preferably packaged chickpeas in glass jars. THU the complete recipe.

Barley with chard

La chard it is among the vegetables that we can grow even in winter. We can use it to prepare an excellent barley, paired with sage, red onion and chopped chilli. THU the complete recipe.

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