Summer: how to ensure food security

    Summer: how to ensure food security

    by Valeria Ghitti

    In the summer, attention tohygiene it is never too much. “High temperatures accelerate the naturals food degenerative processes»Explains biologist Luciano Atzori, an expert in food safety and in health protection (alimentiesicurezza. it). “Also, most of the germs dangerous proliferates much faster at 30-40 ° C ».

    COLD OK ... BEHIND THE DOOR - «To keep the temperature inside the refrigerator constant open it as little as possible and for a short time, do not insert preparations that are still hot and, in general, do not fill it too much: you would hinder the correct circulation of refrigerated air»Warns Atzori.

    «Do not place the products as expected, but follow the instructions given on your appliance. And reserve i door shelves, more exposed to thermal fluctuations, a soft drinks and water (never with milk!) ".

    protect food not only from the heat, but also from contamination, remember to store them, distinguishing them by type and between raw and cooked, in special containers, preferably glass, well closed, or wrapped in films (check on the packaging the foods for which they are indicated).

    "LOW" TEMPERATURES ALSO IN THE PANTRY - «The products a long shelf life they must be kept at no more than 18-20 ° C, in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and with air exchange », advises the expert.

    «Store purchases without secondary packaging (like the cardboard that wraps the cans of peeled tomatoes or tuna), because it could hide roach eggs ». Pasta, flours, grains (in packages already opened or bought in bulk) must be transferred to airtight containers, to prevent any larvae present from infecting the entire pantry.

    If you see the fluttering typical little butterflies, in addition to getting rid of all contaminated (and “suspicious”) foods, empty the cabinets: vacuum them and lavali thoroughly with hot water and detergent.

    CAREFUL HYGIENE FOR DISHES AND CUTLERY - When you cook, use different utensils for each food and always keep the work surface tidy and clean. «To ensure that the sponges do not become a receptacle for bacteria, pour a little dish soap over them, let it act for a minute and rinse before using them.

    Don't use a tea towel for dry what you remove from the dishwasher: you would nullify the disinfectant action. Do you prefer a disposable paper cloth», Atzori concludes.


    >Plan your groceries for the coolest hours of the day and park your car, if possible, in the shade. 

    > Get the fresh produce, from refrigerated counter, and frozen foods, just before arriving at the checkout.

    > Place perishable foods inside those temperature-controlled containers and adjustable, similar to a camping fridge, to be connected to the 12 volt socket in the car (the cigarette lighter, so to speak). Or, if the journey is very short, in thermal bags, with some frozen siberini.

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