Phrases to end a relationship: the 80 most appropriate

Phrases to end a relationship: the 80 most appropriate

Ending a relationship is never easy, but to help you we have grouped several types of phrases, suitable for each situation.

Sometimes it's unavoidable, circumstances change, love fades, and the inevitable moment comes when two different paths have to be taken.

However, ending a relationship is not easy, whether you have been dating for a short time or for years. The right words are needed, but to be honest, the right words never exist. However, we hope that these phrases to end a relationship can be of help to you.

If, on the other hand, you want to give a new dynamism to your relationship, read these Phrases About Life as a Couple or find out How to improve your sexual life as a couple.

The right phrases to end a relationship

Phrases to end a relationship without too much drama

  • You're a wonderful person, but I'm not ready to face all of this.
  • I don't love you anymore, this relationship is suffocating me now.
  • We are too different to be together anymore.
  • I feel the need to be alone, with myself.
  • We tried it, it just didn't work.
  • Right now I feel like I need more.
  • I'm not the right person for you.
  • I no longer feel what I felt before.
  • We have changed, we are no longer what we were.
  • We no longer love each other like before, we can't stay stuck in a relationship like this.
  • I can't explain it to you, but something broke between us.
  • We love each other, but we want too different things.
  • I leave you, but I only do it for you.
  • Right now I need more.
  • We take two different paths, moving away from each other.
  • I have too many problems and I can't give you the attention you deserve.
  • I can't belong to one person, I'm a free spirit.
  • There is an excellent sexual understanding between us, but this is not enough in a relationship.
  • My life in this period is too complicated.
  • I'm not ready to be in a serious relationship right now.
  • I feel like I need more right now
  • I have to be alone
  • There's a feeling between us, but this is not enough
  • It was beautiful and I know I will never have a relationship like this again.

Dramatic phrases to end a relationship

  • Something broke and my heart no longer beats
  • I will have fond memories of us for the rest of my life.
  • I love you, but I don't deserve you.
  • My lips can say goodbye, but my heart is not yet able.
  • "Saying goodbye is such a sweet pain that I would say goodbye until tomorrow." (William Shakespeare)
  • I didn't want to conquer the world, I just wanted to earn your love.
  • I did everything to keep you tied to me, but I was wrong: hearts cannot be handcuffed.

Drama-romantic phrases to end a relationship

  • I have lost my love, I have lost my dreams, I have lost faith in love... I have lost everything... but I have found myself in the silent solitude of a love that ends but is too big to forget!
  • When there is love everything is perfect, but a breath of uncertainty is enough to extinguish that sweet fire that made everything more important, now that it is extinguished nothing is more normal, your soul is betrayed, your heart is extinguished, your eyes are wet, you would like not living these moments that fate has made inevitable...
  • I'll know how to get used to not thinking about you anymore, to pretend to be happy, to tell people 'it was destiny' the fact that we couldn't be together, but I don't know if I'll be able to tell my heart one day that our LOVE is over. !!!
  • The magic of first love is not knowing that it can end, that's why I loved you so intensely
  • I dreamed of you, I looked for you then I found you, it was good while it lasted
  • Our love was born as a joke, for fun, out of madness... and as a joke, out of fun, out of madness, now our love is over.
  • Great loves don't die from a blast: they die if you make them die inside, they end if you've given so much to wear out the heart.
  • Dialogue is the basis of everything, sometimes it is the unspoken words that bring a story to its conclusion.
  • Love is born with a smile, grows with a kiss, ends with a tear

Phrases for when there is another

  • I realized that I don't love you anymore, not because I met him
  • I hope you too can fall in love one day.
  • Our story is over: it has no flaws
  • It doesn't seem fair to be with you and think about him
  • please forgive me if you can

Phrases to leave a boy/man because he has another

  • You will no longer love as you did with me, remember that
  • It is a lack of respect as well as a betrayal.
  • If you had really loved me this would not have happened
  • You made the biggest mistake of your life
  • Forget about me, where I live and my face because you will never see me again
  • Fuck off!

Phrases to blame the partner that you are leaving

  • You are afraid of losing friends, but ours is not an all-inclusive package
  • I mean nothing to you, there are always more important things
  • You're only with me because I'm pretty, but you don't know me inside
  • For you I'm just an object
  • You only want me for the money
  • I don't love you anymore and our relationship suffocates me

Phrases to end a long-distance relationship

  • We're different and you don't even realize
  • I need everyday life, that's not good
  • My life doesn't allow me to have a relationship like that.
  • We don't really know each other, we're too far apart
  • Our paths are no longer parallel, we are getting lost

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