Creativity: 5 techniques to enhance it

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Louise Hay

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We are all creative in one way or another. Only that
sometimes we don't know how to empower ours
creativity to achieve our goals. Although in the field of originality
there are many techniques that can be applied to increase ours
creativity, below I propose five unusual but simple techniques (whose
effectiveness has been confirmed by scientific studies) that you can put in
practice immediately. 1. Take the
distance on a psychological level
: a study carried out in 2009 by University psychologists
of Indiana, proved that when people take a break and yes
they mentally disconnect from the problems they face, they get to find
more easily creative solutions thanks to introspection. 2. Look for the absurd: our mind tends to give a
logical meaning to everything but in this process creativity is lost. Like this,
we should learn to focus on the absurd, as it results to the mind
more difficult to give it a meaning and thus gets used to caressing new ideas.
In 2009 some researchers from the University of California asked some
volunteers who read a short story by Kafka and later, found
that these people's abilities to perceive occult patterns were
increased. 4. Rework
the question
: sometimes
we do not find a solution because we do not ask ourselves the question adequately.
Indeed, it is stated that when we have phrased the question correctly
we have already come halfway to the solution. In 1971 some
psychologists at the University of Claremont found that people produced
many more new and more creative ideas when asked to reconsider
the problem and come up with new questions. 5. Combine
the opposites
: ideas
more creative generally come from the combination of objects or phenomena
apparently without any relationship. This was discovered by Rottenberg in 1996
when he interviewed 22 Nobel Laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners. Since
this process is referred to as “Janusian thinking” to indicate that it is
It is possible to conceive of several opposites simultaneously. Of course these techniques are applicable in the
everyday everyday life to make our mind go away
getting used to novelty, to combine ideas and not criticize them, and to glimpse
relationships where previously he could not. A training period will be required
to implement these techniques, but it will undoubtedly be worth it.
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