Cover, properties and how to use it

La copra is the endosperm of the fruit of the coconut, a pulp that is dried and from which fats and oils are extracted, useful against high cholesterol. Let's find out better.

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Cover, properties and how to use it

Main nutrients of copra

The name copra derives from kopra which in Malayalam (one of the 23 official languages ​​of India) means "dried coconut".
The process of drying the coconut pulp brings the percentage of fat from 35% to about 65%. In the copra the fats are mostly saturated, unlike the unsaturated ones that we find in foods of plant origin. Saturated gasses should be taken in moderate doses as they increase the levels of "bad" colosterol (LDL) in the blood. 

Among the fatty acids present in copra we find thelauric acid, L 'palmitic acid and that oleic.

By boiling and pressing, a oil used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food fields.


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Cover, properties and how to use it


The property

Copra oil, according to several studies, appears to be important antimicrobial effects and it turns out to be useful for the treatment of candidiasis and mushrooms of the skin.

The lauric acid contained in copra appears instead stimulate the metabolismprobably by intervening in the production of thyroid hormones by releasing particular enzymes in the intestine. It therefore contributes to the weight loss but it also has positive effects on the immune system, on development of brain and bones and on the correct functioning of the thyroid.

By pressing the copra with water or milk you get the famous one coconut milk, often mistakenly confused with the liquid found inside the nut (coconut water).
The coconut milk obtained from copra is very precious for the health of skin and hair and is a good base for natural DIY cosmetics: it becomes an excellent face cream when mixed with rice starch and one nourishing hair mask with the addition of honey.


Cover her in the kitchen

La copra is widely used in oriental cuisine, especially in Thailand, India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is combined with cereals (famous is Kopra Kana: Indian rice spiced with coconut), with fruit and very often with shellfish.

Il coconut milk obtained from copra, it is a basic ingredient of Thai cuisine. Used to sweeten soups, it is great for sweet and savory recipes and it has a taste that helps to dilute that of the saturated fats present in the dishes. Coconut milk is great substitute for butter and cream in many preparations and creams.
Coconut milk is the basis of a delicious typically summer cocktail: the batida de coco. 
It's pretty easy to find coconut milk sold in cans or tetrapacks. Inside the package you can see a denser compound in the upper part that should not be interpreted as a sign of poor conservation; if you want to have a more homogeneous product, just shake the package before opening.



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