What is Buddha's awakening

What is Buddha's awakening

Break the fast with the right breakfast 

Breaking the night fast is what breakfast requires of us, come to think of it is the very meaning of the word "breakfast".

You can't start the day with just a coffee, just because the body needs to regenerate and take the right foods to restart to the best.

In short, the awakening of Buddha (don't be fooled by the name!) it's a mix of ingredients - flours, ground seeds, natural proteins and fruit - which serve to compose a healthy breakfast, to be prepared in just a few minutes, with the addition of vegetable milk or water.

The final form is that of a bowl containing rich porridge and decorated as desired with fresh fruit or seeds. 


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Buddha bowl ingredients

Rich in proteins and valuable nutrients, iBuddha's awakening is a satiating breakfast and also easily digestible. 

A combination of precious ingredients they make the awakening of the Buddha a superfood, or rather a super colazione.

Yes they can experiment with various tastes and flavors, from cocoa, banana, pineapple or strawberry, then add a topping of fresh fruit or veg syrups and nutritious seeds. 

Here's what you can find there: 

> flax seeds;
> chia seeds;
> lucuma, an energetic fruit from Peru;
> maca;
> flour of carrube;
> banana, mango, pineapple, strawberry, açai or baobab flour;
> buckwheat;
> rice or hemp proteins;
> flour of sweet bunting;
> almonds, cocoa, vanilla;
> wheat grass.

Curiosities about Iswari: Iswari is the company that assembled and created this product, was born in Portugal, a few kilometers south of Lisbon, market leader in the superfood sector, is present in 18 countries around the world with vegan and superfood proposals.

On the dedicated page of the official website, as well as the blog, there is a special corner dedicated to superfood recipes. 


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