Treadmill For Weight Loss | Does it really work?

Treadmill for Weight Loss

Last days of summer, the holidays are over and they resume workouts in the gym or outdoors. Maybe it's not your case, but most people relax when they're on vacation.

Not only sea, mountains or cultural cities but let's face it, having fun also means being free to have dinners with friends and why not indulge in a few too many drinks.

Returning to the city can sometimes be traumatic, not only for the climatic (and geographical) variation but also for the awareness of having put aside the physical form. I bet you have also heard speeches from colleagues or friends who went something like this: "I've been in ... but I ate a lot!".

If this sentence in addition to having heard it, you have also pronounced it, maybe it's time to get into it with training and focus your energy on reaching your goals as soon as possible.

Speed ​​and Slope

Obviously there is no need to despair because just increase your training and combine a healthy diet. After all it is not so unsolvable! After the holidays and therefore when you relax, it is more difficult to resume your normal routine. This is because during the year we accustom our body to training and normal daily life. The real problem is not when you train but when you stop.

Fortunately, the machines in the gym help us to train with excellent performance and with shorter times.

In fact if you have gained a few extra pounds, the treadmill can become your best ally to get back into physical shape. But there is one thing to say. The treadmill must be used with conscience and above all with a method.

Treadmill For Weight Loss | Does it really work?

You will surely see people in your gym running hours and hours without getting great results on their fitness. In fact, walking is much more useful than running to lose weight. If your goal is to lose weight or belly fat, I recommend walking on an incline.

The rule to follow is only one and is contained in the SLOPE. For an excellent workout you have to adjust the slope to the maximum (basically it is 15%) with an average speed of 3.5 km / h. In case of tiredness or fatigue, reduce your speed and NEVER SLOPE. This type of training allows you to burn 100 calories every 10 minutes and you will feel less tired than when it is usual to run out without being trained.

Training with the walking on a treadmill allows you to train regularly and without discouragement that could be caused by a subdued performance. In addition, muscle pain will be milder and more manageable and this will allow you to continue your workout without too many days of interruption.

It is good to repeat this workout for a maximum of 3 times a week starting for the first times with 10 minutes up to 30.

If you also train in the weight room, you should focus on muscle work first, leaving the cardio work at the end. In this way you will be able to burn the remaining calories, which will help you in the definition. This execution will avoid compromising the mass gain you have trained previously.

Final Tips

Finally, to get the most out of the benefits of the treadmill it is good to follow some small tips.

#1 Get proper fitness clothing and running shoes. In this way you will be more agile in movement without compromising the training session. In addition, the shoes will allow you greater mobility of the foot.

#2 If you have joint or back problems, ask for help from the instructor who will advise you on the best speed for you.

#3 Follow a healthy diet. Also if you are in definition, try to eat 1 hour after the end of the workout and possibly something protein.

#4 Do not cling to the handles of the machine as you will drastically reduce the intensity of the work

In conclusion

The treadmill is a great machine for losing weight and reducing belly fat. Remember to adjust the slope to the maximum and not to overdo it the first week! Good workout!

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