The obstacle is the path

    The obstacle is the path

    Normally when we encounter an obstacle in our path we get discouraged. This is mainly due to the fact that we have been taught that obstacles are always something bad because they prevent us from achieving our goals, or at least slow us down. However, did you know that there is a Zen proverb that says, "The obstacle is the path"?

    Obviously, this represents a radical change of perspective because by accepting it we stop perceiving obstacles in a negative sense; these are no longer our enemies. Of course, I am well aware that it is complicated to do just this thought, which is why I list below some examples that demonstrate how sometimes obstacles are the very path of life.

    1. We need to complete a project, but we start procrastinating. Many may think that procrastination is an obstacle that prevents us from reaching our goal, but if we look from another perspective, sometimes procrastination is like a light that better illuminates the path. Have you ever wondered why some activities tend to be postponed more than others?

    The answer is not that some activities are more boring. We often put off because we don't feel comfortable, we don't like what we are doing, because we are afraid ... However, procrastination can be the signal that something is wrong and, if we are sufficiently introspective, we may be able to reflect on it. to be done in order to better face the experience.

    Also, sometimes by postponing we take a break, which is good, because in this way our unconscious continues to work and maybe when we return to the project we will have new ideas to implement.

    2. We have a lot of work and feel stressed. Stress is not always an obstacle, in fact eustress (positive stress) is useful because it gives us the extra energy necessary to meet the needs imposed by the environment. Even if you are stressed out from work, perhaps it is time to ask yourself where we are going wrong to try to solve the problem.

    Are we doing more hours of work because we don't make the most of the day? Do we have harmful habits that make us waste our time? Are we unable to disconnect when we get home? In short, the causes can be many and stress could be a sign that we need to stop on the path and reconsider what we are doing.

    3. We don't know many people because we are shy. Shyness is not an insurmountable obstacle. We have two options: lock ourselves in the house and make it a bigger problem or go out and make this obstacle turn into an opportunity that allows us to grow. In reality, the most resilient people are those who have faced many problems during their life, but have also been able to see all obstacles as opportunities for growth.

    In any case, thousands of examples could be given, but I believe that these three are more than enough to express a simple idea: obstacles exist, but it is useless to complain because this attitude only leads to immobility. Obstacles are also an opportunity to take a break along the way, they help us to consider other options and to grow as people. The decision is in our hands!

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