10 life lessons that will make you stronger

    10 life lessons that will make you strongerThe greatest source of dissatisfaction is not reality, adversity or obstacles, but they are our expectations. We are our worst enemies because when our expectations are too high and not
    correspond to reality, we run the risk of being overwhelmed. In
    effects, one of the essential characteristics of resilient people is
    in having adequate, objective and contextualized expectations; however, to generate expectations that guide our steps in
    right direction, it is not enough to be aware of our strengths and strengths
    limits, but we must also have a realistic picture of the world around us.Unfortunately, with the arrival of positivism in the world of psychology, many
    people have somehow lost touch with reality, fueling unrealistic expectations that generate frustration and make failure taste even more bitter. Either way, we keep in mind that unrealistic expectations not only take us away from our goals, they also make us more vulnerable, so it's sometimes convenient to keep in mind some life lessons,
    teachings that can transform us into stronger people, or at least, more
    aware and proactive. What are the lessons you should keep in mind?1. There may not be a tomorrowThere is likely to be someone in the world today planning a tomorrow that will never come. It's sad, but at the same time it's terribly true. All we have is the present, so it's best to take advantage of it
    wisely, because the future is uncertain.
    2. Life isn't easyWe have to work hard to make our dreams come true. Success yes
    he builds day by day, he doesn't get lucky. Behind each
    successful person there is always a story of sacrifice. As soon as possible
    we understand this reality, the sooner we can get to work.
    3. You can't control everythingThe feeling of control makes us feel safe and secure. However, things
    more important than life are beyond our control. This means that
    instead of investing time and effort in trying to control them, it is better to learn to accept uncertainty and develop tools to deal with the insecurity of the future.
    4. Information is not knowledgeHaving information does not necessarily mean "understanding" it. In fact, the most important life lessons often come from direct experience. Only through our experiences can we grow and understand the real dimension of many things. It is necessary to experiment, fall and get up again.
    5. It is impossible to change the pastNo one can go back and start over, but we can
    start building a new ending today. It is useless to complain about what it is
    success, because we can't change it, but we can change ours
    reaction to the event. Remember that only when we accept the past, do we
    we free from it and are truly free to build a new future.
    6. Nothing is achieved without giving something in returnAs much as society insists on telling us we can get all that
    we want, the fact is that to achieve great results, to implement important changes, we will always be forced to give up something. Moving forward also means leaving behind possessions, habits or even people.
    7. There will always be people we don't likeNo matter how hard we try, there will always be people who disagree with our ideas or ways of doing things and, ultimately, they will always be an obstacle to achieving our goals. However, there is no point in complaining or trying to please these people, instead, we should focus on doing what we really like, being true to our values. We cannot be appreciated by everyone, but it is important that we feel satisfied with ourselves.
    8. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optionalSooner or later, pain will knock on our door. Adversity, loss of
    loved ones and even diseases are inevitable. However, we can choose how to react to these circumstances, we can learn from them and grow in the face of problems or, conversely, we can let ourselves.
    destroy. Remember that it is in great adversity that we discover what our limits are.
    9. There will always be someone betterLife is not a contest to be the best, it is a path to find happiness. The mad rush to accumulate more wealth or success often only leads to a permanent state of dissatisfaction. Instead, accepting and understanding that the most important thing is not the end result, but the path, is the key to living more fully. Don't forget that what you get from achieving your goals is not as important as what you have transformed into trying to achieve them.
    10. The only person who can make us happy is ourselvesThe seed of happiness is within us. The people around us and the
    external conditions may offer us fleeting moments of happiness, but it is the
    our attitude that determines whether this condition will be stable over time or will fade. Happiness is a personal decision to be made here and now, it does not need to be bound by any conditions.
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