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    Is vulnerability negative or positive?

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    Joe Dispenza

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    let's think about the vulnerability DON'T
    we can avoid associating this concept with anything negative. It's a
    perfectly logical tendency if we consider the Latin etymological root of
    this term: (vulnus) wound and (abilis) possibility. That is; there
    possibility of being injured. However, what would happen if we just linger
    on a part of the meaning? What a mental association the word inspires in us possibility? Definitely positive.

    All right.
    The fact that we are vulnerable people is not as bad as you might think,
    but it also has several positive aspects. In the first place it is proven
    scientifically that people who contract contagious diseases (such as
    STDs) are those who feel least vulnerable. This is explained
    as a consequence of the limited perception of our vulnerability that
    it makes us engage in risky behaviors. On the contrary, if we are aware that
    we are as likely as any other person to be infected,
    we will probably take all necessary precautions to protect ourselves. A
    popular saying states that “there
    we realize what we have until we lose it ”and the
    vulnerability would come to be a feeling that allows us to appreciate
    the "here and now", which is really all we own. That is; to be
    being aware of being vulnerable is (regardless of what you are to
    refers) something that helps us to value our present much more
    and allows us to fully live every moment. If we accept to be
    vulnerable people (and we are, so much so that we would go crazy if we just considered
    really even a small fraction of the risks to which we are each exposed
    day) we may learn that "here and now" is all we really need
    to be happy. Nello
    in the same way, vulnerability, more than a state of mind to hide from the front
    to a society that over the centuries has instilled in us the idea that we must be strong
    and not showing our weaknesses, it could turn into a feeling that
    it unites us as human beings. Indeed, it is well known that within companies
    in which people show themselves more vulnerable there is a greater degree of
    social cohesion, as all members are aware that they need one
    of the other. Thus, vulnerability is not a condition that must be hidden,
    rather, that it can help us to connect with others.

    sometimes we allow ourselves to be exaggeratedly influenced by the thought it has transmitted to us
    the society in which we live. So much so that we often don't even ask ourselves
    if there is a different way of understanding the phenomena that surround us.
    We just accept them as they are. However, the range of potential
    it is infinite, and it is up to us to choose one perspective or the other.

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