Take your time to heal and start over again

Take your time to heal and start over againJulio Cortazar said: “nothing is lost if one has the courage to announce that all is lost and one has to start all over again”. In life, there are times when we have to start from scratch, we have to close the circles, let go of the past and look forward, no matter how bad it hurts - in fact, the process of letting go of the past to head into the future often creates a feeling. of dizziness on an emotional level. This happens because we identify the past with the safe path we leave behind and perceive the future as a chasm in front of us, an uncertain bet, a leap into the void without a parachute. So, if we want to advance safely and without remorse, it is essential. take your time to heal from wounds and emotionally regenerate. Haste has never been a good counselor.

Emotional wounds cause profound changes that we must accept

We are often tempted to burn the times. Sometimes, when we feel bad and in pain, all we want is to just take the pain away from us. We despair and rush to look ahead. It is understandable, but it is not good. Sometimes it is the people around us who push us. Perhaps with the best of intentions, they encourage us to move forward and take the next step by even calling ourselves "weak" at times, because we are unable to get up fast enough. But when we are not yet ready to move forward, we shouldn't take any risks to avoid suffering unnecessarily.To look back to the future with confidence, it is essential to have patience and wait for emotional wounds to heal. This does not mean that we have to drown in pain, but that we have to advance in small steps, following our own pace and without too much haste. Time is essential to recover from emotional trauma, over time we can make sense of what happened. we accept the past and move on. In fact, trauma usually causes a psychological earthquake, so we need time to recover, to look inside ourselves and realize that we are no longer the same, something has changed. After the strong emotional shock we can feel blocked and we need time to find ourselves, to understand, accept and even learn to live with this new person we have become.

Time to think, time to learn

On the other hand, time is also essential to learn from the mistakes we have made. If we get out of a traumatic relationship, for example, and immediately throw ourselves into another person's arms, we won't have had enough time to understand where we went wrong. In fact, this is one of the reasons people often find themselves involved in relationships that never turn out well. They have not given themselves the time to grow; time allows us to take the necessary emotional distance from the trauma, so that we can judge our behavior and decisions from a more objective perspective and from a detached position. As a result, we will be able to take our share of responsibility and grow; on the contrary, if we hurry we risk making the same mistakes, hitting the same wall repeatedly. Unfortunately, there are still many people who believe that "one nail drives the other", and they continue to live so quickly that their own speed stuns them. Although sometimes, what we need is just to stop to gather strength and put the pieces back together.

How do we know when we are ready to start again?

Everyone is different, and so are traumas and injuries. Being ready to continue takes time and there is no precise rule, you have to learn to connect with what you have inside and listen to the signals that your "I" sends you. But in general, a person is ready to continue when there are at least two of the following conditions:1. The pain has lessened. Looking back you realize that even if the wound is there, it no longer hurts. In fact, you probably begin to remember the positives more often than the ones that hurt you.
2. You have learned. When you analyze what happened, you can make sense of it and understand where you went wrong. When you take on experience and it enriches you as a person.
3. You can laugh and joke about what happened. When you are able to laugh at what has happened, it means that you have overcome the trauma, that you have stripped the situation of its initial drama. rush. Sometimes we may think we are ready to move forward, but we are not. Then it is best to stop to gather strength and heal completely.Each new beginning is worth it, but you need to realize that you can face this new phase with more maturity and confidence.
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