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    Suffering and its positive sides

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    Joe Dispenza

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    Everyone, sooner or later, needs our dose of suffering. The causes can be
    very different but the feeling you get is always the same: a mixture of
    pain and pain that generates anxiety, frustration and despair.

    Suffering has always been a part of our culture
    a negative connotation but it is certain that this feeling also has its sides
    positive, only sometimes it is difficult for us to see them. Often the
    suffering can show us the best sides of ourselves as it forces us to
    learn from our mistakes and give more value to things or people than us
    are around. In this way even suffering can turn into
    a valuable resource, we just need to know how:1. Use the
    bad to appreciate the good
    : reality has many faces, every situation contains
    certain levels of pain and pleasure. The ideal is not to position yourself to the side
    extreme pleasure but rather finding the right balance. Suffering can be the way to evaluate
    the good things in life. When you feel bad, take a break and
    think of all the things you have in this moment that you can do
    consider yourself happy. Surely the situation isn't as bad as it is
    it seems.
    2. Consider
    suffering as an opportunity to grow
    we normally suffer because something did not meet our expectations,
    something broke our plans or disrupted a status quo that pleased us. At this point we just have to look
    back to learn from mistakes so as not to go back to making them
    in the future. Suffering is an opportunity to test
    our strengths and our ability to overcome obstacles. In short, the
    suffering is the prerequisite for resilience.
    3. Strengthens
    your interpersonal relationships
    : when things go wrong is the time when
    we need the support of family and friends more. Take advantage of
    this time to create even stronger bonds by opening your world
    interior to others.Not all people know how to ask for help and
    accept it, but this skill is necessary to maintain balance
    psychological. A problematic situation that generates a certain amount of suffering
    it can be ideal for connecting with others and coming out of them strengthened and
    supported by a much stronger support network.
    4. Listen
    your emotions
    : current life is so hectic that it leaves you well
    little room for introspection? So to succeed in having a good one
    psychological balance, it is very important that you understand your feelings; that is,
    that you understand what you feel and why.When we feel bad instead of running away from suffering,
    we should turn the same into an opportunity to discover new aspects of
    we who did not know. For example, how many times have people had to
    to suffer for a separation to realize how much they loved deeply
    their partner?5. Be more
    : one of the most common complaints from people suffering from
    mental disorders is that psychologists fail to fully understand her
    magnitude the problem they are experiencing. True! To really understand a
    problem you must always experience it on your own skin. For this suffering
    it gives us the opportunity to be more human and to understand much better pains and
    discomfort of others. In summary, suffering is never welcome,
    especially in a society as hedonistic as ours, but if we assume it in
    a more positive outlook, it could turn into an opportunity for
    learn and grow. So it will be less heavy to bear.
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