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Looking for the best dating sites over 50? You are in the right place!

The world, fortunately, is changing, and what once was the age that forced us to stay at home to wait for the end of the day, now becomes a door to an ocean of opportunities! Many people over 50 feel ready to start a new life and increasingly resort to dating apps over 50 to rediscover love and adventure.

In this article I have selected for you the best choices among the over 50 dating sites, explaining in detail the characteristics of each of them. Do not get caught either by the fear of not knowing how to move in this world or by the fear of doing something wrong: over 50 meetings are becoming more and more frequent and I am here to help you orient yourself in this environment full of opportunities!

Best dating sites over 50 and 60

As I have already mentioned above, below you will find a selection of the best choices among the over 50 dating apps, but also chat for singles and dating sites over 60. Even if at first it may seem like a sea of ​​information, don't worry, there will be all the information you need to not get lost.

This way you will be safe from all those sites that make vain promises, at best, and sometimes become real traps. You can be sure that all selected over 50 dating sites are real safe havens. So let's not hesitate any longer and let's get started!

1. Singles50

To start this list I chose Singles50 (here the official website): a very popular platform, present in more than thirty countries, but above all very simple to use.

The peculiarity of this dating site for over 50s is that it is possible to organize both for a one-night adventure, and to lay the foundations for a longer and more meaningful experience.

Its use is very simple and after registering you can immediately start looking for the type of meeting that suits you best. With the basic version you will have the possibility to create your profile and insert your personal image. You can also take a personality test and send a message a day with up to 4000 characters.

While by accessing the premium version, via subscription, your advantages will increase, as your photo will be visible in clear text, you will have a list of favorites where you can enter the most important contacts but above all you will be able to control who has visited your profile, with the ability to send and receive messages without any limit.

2. Academic Singles

Academic Singles, the second dating site for over 50s (here you can find the official site), has an important peculiarity: it is used only by people with a high social status and level of education. It is considered the best site to find mature and serious singles.

It is possible to register for free (you can do it by clicking here), but if you really want to access all the services and fully enjoy the possibilities of this site for dating over 50, I suggest you activate the premium function.

When you have registered, you will be able to answer a series of questions that will allow you to get in touch with the people who most closely match your tastes and passions and if you wish you can communicate immediately via video call.

Also in its premuim version, this dating site over 50 will give you the opportunity to make the people who have attracted your attention immediately understand your interest through the so-called Instant matches, which will lead you to greatly increase your chances of organizing a meeting. Your data will always be protected.

Of all the over 50 dating sites, this is one of the only ones that aims to select people who have a satisfying career, and who need to find a person who has already achieved the same goals. If you think Singles50 can do it for you, don't hesitate any longer: sign up here. Your love life will be as successful as your career is!

3. Contact Senior

The third position of this list of sites and apps for dating over 50 belongs by right to Contact Senior (here you can find the official site), a site widely used by all people over 50 and over 60 who have difficulty in meeting new people.

Through this dating site over 50, you will be able to meet new people, "to discuss, establish new friends or fall in love once again" by quoting the phrase on the homepage of the site.

At the time of registration you will have access to Speed Kiss, a kind of messaging for arranging casual encounters. But by activating the premium version you will be able to access many other services that will allow you to establish contact more easily. It must be said that for women some of these options are already available in a free version.

For men there is a provisional version with a negligible price, which will allow you to experience the portal for a few days, then you will have the opportunity to decide whether to continue or cancel the service. You can sign up here.

4. Club 50plus

Club 50plus is a very popular over 60 dating site (here the official site), present in at least 10 countries around the world and with several tens of thousands of members only in Spain. It was designed to help all people over 50 make new meetings and friendships.

This over 50 dating site is popular with people who want to be sure they are meeting someone in their city or region. The proportion of members is practically between 50 and 50 between men and women, so it is recommended for people of both sexes.

As with other dating apps over 50, the basic version does not allow us to have many possibilities of contact, so it is always recommended to activate the premium function, which will allow you to immediately activate unlimited conversations.

5. OurTime

Last, but not least, of this list of over 50 dating sites, is the OurTime site (here the official site). This site is a little more particular than the others we have analyzed previously.

Through this app it will be possible contact even younger people. In fact, OurTime has been designed for all people over 50 and over 60 who want to discuss, make friends and, why not, fall in love with a person in their thirties.

The basic function allows you to carry out the first searches based on very specific filters such as age, sexuality, religion, body color, distance and zodiac sign, but like the other dating apps over 50 it is only with the premium version that you will be able to increase the possibilities of organizing a meeting.

Connect Me, Notify Me, MatchMe and Promote Me these are just some of the various options you can use. The activation piece is lowered as you decide to increase the duration of the subscription.

Dating over 50: statistics

I know, I gave you a lot of information, but now you are wondering if it is a good idea for you to take advantage of these dating sites over 50 or over 60. Are you suitable, or suitable for this type of way of relating with others.

So, first of all a few numbers: know that in the last five years at least 200 thousand love stories of over 50s were born through the web, and these are only those detected through statistical surveys.

Furthermore, according to Istat sources, 35% of singles over the age of 45 have used dating sites at least once to meet mature women or mature men.

The physical meeting takes place on average less than two weeks after the first contact, and after a series of appointments (usually about ten days after the first meeting) many times you end up having sex.

But beyond the numbers, apps and dating sites over 50 are a very useful tool to increase friendships, have some pleasant sex encounters and maybe even find love. Don't be afraid, don't get shy and go under: your soul mate will already be looking for you!

Why use dating sites over 50 and 60

Another point in favor that pushes to use dating sites over 50 is the fact that nowadays the maximum meeting places are represented by discos and bars, where it is very difficult to be able to bond with a person even just to exchange. two words.

This is due to several factors: loud music, the times at which events take place which usually always correspond to the later hours of the night. But also to the fact that maybe you will feel uncomfortable being in a place where a party or an evening takes place, where the average age is much lower than yours.

In these cases we mostly end up staying on the sidelines and feeling uncomfortable or out of place, undermining even more the chances of knowing someone and triggering psychological mechanisms that will only increase your feeling of loneliness.

Therefore, in order to avoid finding yourself in situations that are anything but pleasant, it is preferable to choose the person you want to meet from the comfort of home. Making a selection according to shared passions and physical attraction.

In this way you will also have the possibility to schedule meetings in the places that put you most at ease, where you feel at home and that give you more security.

Dating over 50: some tips

To conclude, I thought I'd also leave you some practical advice that you can follow once you start using one or more of the dating apps over 50 that I indicated earlier.

  • Have patience: once you decide to take advantage of one of these 50+ dating sites, don't expect to be able to arrange a meeting in 5 minutes. Take your time and consider who to contact or meet.
  • Have consistency: once you have identified a person who attracts your attention and you have decided to propose a meeting, do not take them too badly if your invitation is rejected. This is natural and besides, you can't please everyone, so don't give up at the first refusal and don't be offended. Accept the will of the other person with education and perhaps with irony, but do not cut off contacts: maybe he said no this time, but in the future you never know.
  • Have a curated profile: always use current photos that are professional. It is useless to put a photo of Marlon Brando or Naomi Campbell if you are planning to meet in person. Rather, take care of your physical appearance and upload photos that best represent you, if possible taken by a professional photographer.
  • Not lying: like above. It makes no sense to pretend to be someone or someone you are not. In the end, the truth always comes out. So as always, and even in real life, it's always better to be yourself and be appreciated by others for who we are rather than make a bad impression later on.
  • Pay attention: the sites that I have listed are all more than safe, but the caution is not mine too much. I'm not telling you that on these sites there is the possibility of meeting a serial killer, but someone (or someone !!) who would have no problem breaking our hearts, yes! Also, stay away from fake profiles, which unfortunately sometimes happen to be found. So evaluate people well before giving too much confidence or deciding for a live match!
  • Create more possibilities: at least at the beginning he uses different sites and / or apps for over 50 dating, in order to exploit the numbers to make a meeting concrete. Then with time and experience you will understand which one is best suited to your needs.
  • Invest: I know, it's always bad to talk about money, but believe me, the difference between the basic versions of 50+ dating sites and the premium ones is noticeable. And remember that when you go to spend money, you do it to receive services, so don't interpret it as a waste or a scam. You will find the benefits in the field. Believe me!

Well, we've come to the end of this article on best dating sites over 50. I hope it has been of help to you, and that my advice will come in handy in the coming weeks, when you finally decide to throw yourself into the world of dating over 50.

Finally, I really want to tell you that no matter how old you are and what color your hair is: open your heart and give yourself a chance, maybe without taking everything too seriously, and I'm sure you will find what you are looking for!

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