The deadly sins in sex

    The deadly sins in sex

    The deadly sins in sex

    Last update: 15 September, 2022

    Nowadays, sexuality is no longer a taboo subject, as it was until a few years ago. Women are quite emancipated and this greatly affects their behavior in bed, during intimate moments as a couple.

    However, this greater freedom did not put an end to the mistakes made between the sheets; for this reason, a journalist from the Spanish magazine TodaMujer has compiled a list of the deadly sins (in sexual terms) that are perpetrated in intimacy. Such mistakes can lead to a reduction in the passion, feeling and quality of sexual intercourse. Here is the list:

    Greed: if either of you is too shy to ask what he likes or to explain what he doesn't like, there is a problem. The same happens if you are part of that group of people who usually say “I don't care if I don't reach orgasm, the important thing is that my him / her can”. These attitudes are counterproductive to both you and your partner; if you want foreplay to last longer, you just have to ask: often, making allusions is useless.

    There are women who even in the XNUMXst century continue to regard sex as a vulgar act, which only affects men. Forget about prejudices and start having fun. Although men are said to have a greater need for sex than women, not all are active, wild, enterprising and hot in bed. This is why you must always ask for what you want and thus you will be much more likely to receive pleasure.

    Ira: many quarrelsome couples tend to extinguish their conflicts in bed; after consuming the report, nothing seems to have happened. It is good to use this kind of reconciliation sometimes, but not always, because in the depths of your heart there remains an unresolved, pending issue.

    Passion in couples is never negative, not even when used as a "sweetener" after a fight. The sexual act generates energy, avoids misunderstandings, connects the two people spiritually, etc. In short, it's a great way to make peace.

    Envy: a study claims that women are more envious than men. Men are calmer from this point of view, but that doesn't mean they aren't envious of anything. It must be said that healthy envy exists and that it is possible to turn it into something positive. How? Using it as a source of inspiration.

    If you see that your best friend and her partner have a wonderful, happy, and very sexually active marriage, ask her what their secret is. Look for the necessary elements and put them into practice, use the advice given to you. Bad envy hurts, intoxicates, poisons and gives unhappiness.

    Pride: many people live life with great confidence, because they have been lucky enough to be beautiful, to have a beautiful body, to be outgoing, enterprising or intelligent. This security should be contagious: surely everyone would like to feel satisfied with their body, which doesn't happen very often, since most people only see their own imperfections and not their own beauties.

    Men easily get tired of hearing their partner's usual complaints about being fat, having cellulite, having small breasts, etc. This coaxing reduces desire. Instead, it would be better if you felt like Aphrodite, the goddess of Love: in this way, you will respect yourself and, at the same time, you will ensure that the flame of passion between you and your man never goes out. Males are attracted to active, enterprising and innovative women.

    No one in this world boasts a perfect physique, so start loving and respecting yourself a little more. Above all, remember that the person with whom you have sexual intercourse fell in love with you as you are, both physically and in character.

    Sloth: All those who lie in bed or sit in an armchair all weekend, despite the large number of things to do, are enemies of sexuality. To abandon oneself to oneself and to be devoid of spontaneity means to distance oneself enormously from passion and sex.

    Living with or being married to your partner can sometimes be a bad thing for your relationship. Try not to spend all day cleaning, cooking, tidying up, mowing or walking the dog: it is necessary to maintain a sexual balance and also save some energy to consume intercourse.

    The throat: the way of eating of a man or a woman can say a lot about them; these deductions can also be used to describe their behavior in bed. For example, if you always prefer more sophisticated foods at restaurants, chances are you won't settle for something simple and traditional in sex. "Throat" can also mean the anxiety of wanting to try more and more pushed things; evaluate your choices well in bed, as if it were a menu.

    Lust: undoubtedly, this is the capital sin which by definition is linked to sex. Surely you have always wanted to be fantastic lovers, who seduce their other half with a simple look and who drive her crazy in bed.. Thinking about an actor or a singer to the point of imagining yourself in bed with this character can be good for the couple: erotic dreams are fun and you can put them into practice to give your routine a little spice.

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