Stop communicating with your partner

Stop communicating with your partner

Stopping communicating is one of the worst symptoms for a couple. Sometimes it is necessary to actively intervene to change some dynamics and improve the situation.

Stop communicating with your partner

Last update: July 17, 2022

In the same way that there are valid reasons to improve and enrich the dialogue with the person we love, there are just as many reasons why one is inclined to stop communicating with the partner. Such a situation is quite serious, given that communication is one of the pillars of the relationship. If the verbal interaction is not smooth and healthy, other problems will likely emerge.

A relationship is mainly made up of dialogue. Great loves are based on satisfying dialogues that extend over time. If the interaction weakens and gradually reaches the breaking point of communication, the relationship will suffer.

When you maintain a sincere and loving dialogue, it is possible to solve all problems. If, on the other hand, barriers are raised or freedom of expression is inhibited, every slightest difficulty becomes an insurmountable challenge. What behaviors lead to interruption of communication with the partner? In this article we outline the most common ones.

"Healthy relationships grow through unlimited trust."

-Beau Mirchoff-

Stop communicating with your partner: 5 common causes

1. Emphasize every detail for no reason

There are people who talk, talk and talk; often because it is a way of expressing their stress and anxiety. However, it could also be a form of narcissism. Endless monologues are rarely pleasant. Most of the time they get tired.

Often you stop communicating with your partner for this very reason: talking without limits showing that you are unable to listen. People who use this type of communication usually emphasize every little detail.

This superficial attitude sometimes reveals a need for leadership that blurs communication. Furthermore, even an important message can be obscured by meaningless phrases. Specificity and interest in contributing instead of accumulating is a virtue that makes dialogue more fluid.

2. Stop communicating with your partner because he tells the relationship problems to third parties

Hardly anyone likes to deal with relationship problems in front of others. Still, some people can't find the boundary between what can be shared with others or not.

Often the couple talk about personal problems with their closest friends. However, sometimes it is better for certain phenomena or events to remain private.

It is normal to feel betrayed and resentful when your partner shares confidential information with others. In these cases, a relationship based on trust can weaken considerably. As a rule, friends and family members shouldn't know why we fought yesterday and how we made peace.

On the other hand, the information we share can change the perception that others have of us and our partner. It is easy, in fact, to project a partial and unfair image of the partner at a time when we do not control our emotions because we are angry or resentful towards her.

3. Stop communicating with your partner because they don't listen

If it is important for one of the couple members to discuss a topic, this need should not be unexpected. Even if we think the issue is not that relevant, if the partner is in a hurry to deal with it, it means that it matters to him or her.

Postponing confrontation is a way to turn your back on the other. Sometimes it's not easy to listen after a hard day at work or when you just want to see a movie instead of talking. However, the other's need to be heard should never be underestimated or diminished.

Anyone who wants to speak needs attention. Denying it is equivalent to abandoning the person to their fate. Obviously this causes pain, but also a sense of loneliness and probably resentment. If we think about it, it is not that difficult to stop what we are doing to listen to the needs of the partner.


The quality of communication speaks volumes about the health of a couple. Expressing oneself intelligently implies knowing how to speak, but also knowing how to be silent.

Telling, remaining silent and wisely choosing the information to share with the partner will facilitate communication within the couple and make it one of its fundamental pillars.

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