Motivational apps to improve your life: top 16

Are you looking for some great motivational apps?

Would you like concrete tools to monitor and effectively improve your life?

Then you are in the right place! Below I will introduce you to the best 16 motivational apps available for both android and ios.

Motivational apps: what are they for?

Thinking about motivational apps certainly evokes tools that can give you the energy to move forward, facing your days with a lot of energy. But in reality there are different types and consequently also have different purposes.

So let's try to clarify the concept and talk about the main types of motivational apps.

The first type of app I want to tell you about is the one that gives you daily doses of motivation: in most cases these are quotes that can motivate you to achieve any goals you have set in life.

Another type of motivational app is the one that helps you clarify your goals and then go on to make them. The imagination of developers has no limits: there are some apps that act as real Life Coaches.

Then there are those apps that deal with the world of productivity: tools to get out of bed on time, or to optimize the management of one's commitments through the planning of activities.

A fourth type of motivational app concerns the introduction of positive habits in your life. There are apps that help you, for example, with affirmations or meditating, or even with the practice of gratitude.

Finally, there are the motivational apps dedicated to health. You will find, for example, applications dedicated to diet and weight loss, others that help you walk more or even quit smoking.

These were the main types of motivational apps that you can find, but I want to highlight the fact that it is by no means an exhaustive discussion, also because new ones are born every day.

The best motivational apps

After this brief explanation about the main functions of motivational apps, it's time to introduce you to the best ones for each category.

1. Apps that give you the right amount of motivation

Do it! - Motivational phrases

Motivational apps to improve your life: top 16

Every morning "Do it!" will send you a motivational phrase to give you the right energy you need to face the day! You will be able to browse all the motivational phrases of the previous days and share them on social networks or with your contacts.

Daily Quotes – Positive Quotes (IOS) / Daily Motivational Quotes App (Android)

As for the international scene, I present a couple of apps, one for IOS and one for Android, which perform exactly the same function. Every day you will receive beautiful quotes in English.

2. App to achieve your goals

Goalmap – SMART goal setting to stay motivated

Motivational apps to improve your life: top 16

One of the best (if not the best) motivational apps available when it comes to personal goals. Gorgeous graphics, help you set and reach your goal by establishing the right habits. I highly recommend it.

Strides – Habit Tracker (IOS) / HabitHub – Habit and Goal Tracker (Android)

Two more great apps to organize your time and track the progress of your goals. Attractive graphics for both and very well done.

3. App for your productivity

Alarmy – Sleep if you can

It is one of the most downloaded apps if you intend to solve once and for all the problem of how to get out of bed on time in the morning. To stop the alarm from ringing you will have to put some effort, for example by solving mathematical problems or photographing an area designated by you previously.

Todoist – To-do lists for task management & errands

Motivational apps to improve your life: top 16

One of the most popular motivational apps for task management, it will help you complete everything you planned to do on time. Very well structured, it is definitely worth a try.

Any-do: To-do list, Calendar, Reminders & Tasks

One of the most complete apps for managing your time. It allows you to organize your day, being equipped not only with the classic list of activities, but also with a calendar with the possibility of setting reminders that help you not to forget the things to do.

4. App for your positive habits

Fabulous: Motivate Me! Meditate, Relax, Sleep

Motivational apps to improve your life: top 16

Fabulous is the application that will help you introduce any habit into your life: from meditation, to morning rituals, allowing you to reprogram your mind and routine in such a way that you leave time for what really matters.

My Gratitudine Journal (IOS) / Gratitude journal – private diary & daily quotes (Android)

Both of these motivational apps are designed to make you cultivate the practice of gratitude in your life, helping you to spend your life with more serenity and satisfaction.

Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness

Bestseller who has depopulated all over the world, teaches the art of meditation in a simple and understandable way to everyone. I highly recommend it if you intend to be more peaceful and aware of your life.

5. App for your physical well-being

This is a very extensive field, which would require a separate article. Here I present two examples of the most popular apps.

Plant Nanny – Water Reminder (IOS / Andriod)

Fun app that reminds you to drink water and stay hydrated through a mobile game. Fundamental if you are a person who never drinks enough.


Motivational apps to improve your life: top 16

With this app you will track how many steps you take every day. The app contains a whole host of other features, such as a training diary, training plans and cardio workouts.

Well that's it for this article on motivational apps. Try the ones that interest you most and I'm sure they will bring great benefits to your life!

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