How to win back a disappointed, angry or hurt girl: the method

How to win back a disappointed, angry or hurt girl?

If you want to know how to win back a disappointed ex, or how to win back a woman who is hurt and angry with you, read this article to the end, where you will find a very effective method to follow based on psychology.

In this article we will detail the reasons why your ex might be disappointed, and also give you some important tips on how to get a girl back, suggestions that when I was in the same situation as you I would have paid gold to receive.

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How to get a girl back

Do you want to win your girlfriend back? The first major obstacle that stands between you and your goal is understanding why she left you. It is unthinkable win back a girl without having made a great deal of clarity as to why she may have made her decision.

There are two main families of reasons why a girl leaves a boyfriend:

  1. Because he lost interest in her
  2. Because she is disappointed or angry about her behavior

If your ex left you for one loss of interest this NO is the article for you. I have already talked in this article about how to win back a girl who has lost interest in you, and I invite you to read it: it is in my opinion the most in-depth guide on the subject in Spain.

The second category of reasons why a girl may break up with a guy is connected with disappointment: she is deeply disappointed or hurt by something he has done. or did not.

I say category of reasons, because his disappointment can have many different shades and shades, and above all it can have some completely different causes between them.

Perhaps you already know the reason for his disappointment well, or perhaps it is something more subtle that still eludes you; in any case, below I present to you the main cases, which we will then analyze one by one.

  • You were distant and you didn't give her the right attention
  • You didn't give her the stability and relationship perspectives she needed
  • You cheated on her (or you tried with other girls and she found out)
  • You hurt her for reasons other than treason
How to win back a disappointed, angry or hurt girl: the method

How to win back a disappointed ex: the 4 main cases

Let's go now to see a little more on each of the 4 cases presented above, and then I'll explain to you like winning back a disappointed girl through a strategy that can adapt to most situations.

1. Girl disappointed by lack of attention

The reason your ex might be disappointed in you is that you have been cold to her lately, aloof, not giving her the right attention. every woman he needs.

So you haven't noticed her latest haircut, you haven't given her any more gifts or compliments, but especially lately you didn't make her feel appreciated yes you.

Despite this, now that she has left you you understand that you have made a mistake that you want to make up for: you still care too much about her, and you absolutely do not want to lose her.

Okay, how do you win back an ex who is disappointed by your lack of attention?

You have to tell her that you realized you were wrong, give her a period of detachment, and then return to her by reactivating the emotions between you two and taking her back.

2. Girl who was looking for more stability

This is the classic case where your ex, or the girl you were dating, distanced herself from you because she couldn't get through your relationship. stability, and to achieve his relational goals (aware or unaware that they were). We are in this case if, for example, you wanted:

  • Doing something more serious, but you didn't accept
  • More attention, but you didn't give it to him
  • Introduce you to her family, but you refused to know her
  • Going to live together, but you didn't want to
  • Getting married, but you haven't shown yourself inclined
  • A son, but you told her you're not ready
How to win back a disappointed, angry or hurt girl: the method

In short, these are all cases in which she had a goal with you, but after repeated attempts she realized she couldn't reach him.

Emotionally broken, frustrated, disappointed and pissed off, she decided to do away with you.

You may not have expected it, because for you your relationship it was perfect as it wasbut the truth is that women have different needs than men for a variety of reasons. In particular women ...

1) They have a biological clockThey have a subconscious program operating in their head, which prompts them to seek a stable relationship that possibly produces children. If after a while they see that with the man they are with (or date) they cannot reach this milestone, they leave.

2) They are very much conditioned by society: even if Western society has made great strides forward in terms of women's emancipation, the expectation is still alive that a girl past a certain age should "settle down", and that she should not indulge in "not very serious" or " not very stable ". This social pressure for man is obviously less strong.

3) They need support: women are emotionally more fragile than men, which is why they constantly need a strong partner by their side who transmits security and stability to them. Obviously to feel secure and stable, they need the relationship with this man to be secure and stable as well.

To learn more about the topic, I invite you to read my ebook.

Well, we've come to the point. You will have understood that the key to getting your ex back in this case will be give her the stability she was looking for.

It makes no sense that you try to win her back if you are not willing to meet her, and to give her at least some of what she is looking for: you will end up hurting her even more.

However she surely is very angry with you, so the procedure to win her back will not be so immediate: in fact, you will first have to give her some time to calm down, and then propose again guaranteeing her a different stability, without ever ceasing to be the sexy man and confident she fell in love with.

Below we will see the procedure in more detail.

3. Ex disappointed after your betrayal

Maybe you cheated on her, she found out about you and left you?

Or she found out you were feeling or hitting on other girls and it's gone rightly on a rampage?

If you find yourself in this situation, let me tell you that you did not behave well, and maybe you would not deserve to come back with her.

How to win back a disappointed, angry or hurt girl: the method

First you have to ask yourself some questions, to understand if it is worth it and if it is right to try to win it back:

  • What is the reason you cheated on her?
  • What was the one thing that was missing in your relationship that prompted you to cheat on her?
  • Are you sure that if you can get back with her you won't cheat on her again?
  • Is it really important for you to save this relationship?
  • Are you sincerely repentant? (This doesn't just mean you wouldn't do it again. Of course you wouldn't do it again!)
  • Are you ready to take the risk that even if you get back together, your relationship may never be as it once was, due to the resentment she will feel towards you?

If you are really repentant, and convinced to return her, we will see together how to win back a disappointed girl after your betrayal, following a clear and simple method.

But first of all of the guidelines. You will need to:

  • Show yourself sincerely repentant
  • Give her an initial period of detachment from you
  • Prove them with facts that you have changed
  • Rebuild a relationship of trust
  • Completely cut off contact with the other girl or girls
  • Remain a man, without crawling or whining to get back with her

4. Ex disappointed and hurt for other reasons

The last case is when your ex left you or walked away from you after you somehow deeply hurt her.

Maybe you insulted her heavily after a fight, or you criticized and belittled her over and over again about a way of being that you didn't like.

This case is very particular...

I recently happened to talk to a guy who had deeply hurt his ex without realizing it.

There had not been a particular event, statement or specific gesture that had caused this girl to hurt, but rather it had been the fault ofdaily attitude of him, who always tended to belittle and criticize the university and professional path she chose.

She left him, and he didn't understand the motives in the slightest. The thing to note here is that neither did she she fully realized the reasons why she chose to leave: she just did it, because she felt it was the right thing to do.

In light of this example I want to invite you to think about all the things you may have done to hurt her: both specific events and yours. attitudes repeated over time.

How to win back a disappointed girl in this case?

You need to thoroughly analyze your relationship, become aware of your mistakes, sincerely apologize, give her a period of detachment, and then return to her by reactivating the dormant emotions.

Phrase to win back a disappointed girl

The first possibility that I want to present to you can be used to win back a girl who is disappointed or hurt by some of your behavior, or to win back an ex after a fight of not too significant entities.

You can use it right after it's left, or a few days later, but if and only if you haven't already ruined everything by becoming a doormat and reacting very badly at the end of your relationship.

If you have already been self-respecting, insistent or pressing towards him it means that you have already lost your dignity, and then this sentence will not work for you.

This is what you will tell her, or write to her via a message:

If you have already made several mistakes after being broken up, or the reasons why your relationship ended are quite serious, this message will not work, and the only strategy to adopt is the one I explain below.

How to win back a disappointed girl: 3 steps to follow

I've detailed the main reasons why your ex might be disappointed.

Back to us, all the cases I have dealt with (and any other situation that your ex is disappointed with) have their own peculiarities to consider, but they also have their own peculiarities. important common factors:

  • Part of your ex still wants you
  • Another part of your ex (who has taken over at this stage) thinks that she shouldn't be with you, and that she will find more happiness in the future alone, or with someone other than you.
  • You need to apologize or explain to your ex
  • Your ex needs a time of peace and distance without your presence
  • You absolutely cannot be desperate by starting to chase her, otherwise you will give her even more reasons to let you be forever.
  • You absolutely must not apologize a thousand times: just do it once or twice, but in a heartfelt way, following the words with the deeds.

Are you ready? Now I'll tell you how to win back a disappointed ex by offering you 3 simple but important steps to follow.

1. Letter of apology

First you need to write her a message, card or letter in which you sincerely apologize for what you did. Make this be the most beautiful and heartfelt message you ever wrote in your life.

Write, erase, rewrite, read, correct and reread.

How to win back a disappointed, angry or hurt girl: the method

It is essential that it is a message almost poetic, profound, which makes you pass the following concepts:

  • You understand and respect the way he feels right now
  • You are aware that you were wrong, and you deeply regret it
  • You're sorry for the way it went between you two and you hint that you were actually going to give her what she wanted from your relationship, but you have your timing (for the case of an ex looking for more stability)
  • You will begin to work on yourself to change the attitudes and behaviors that hurt her, and in general to become a better person.

the entire chapter 5 of my ebook is devoted to how to write this message / letter, and it also presents several examples to use according to the starting situation, because it is really a key element of the whole reconquest process.

2. Temporary secondment phase

After texting her, you'll need to leave your ex alone for some time.

Don't worry, this period of detachment will not distance you, it will indeed be very useful because it will allow you to heal from your wounds, and will make you more calm and predisposed to a dialogue with you.

At the same time this phase will be crucial for you: it will make sure that you can work on yourself to improve the things you let her down in, and on top of that she will make you less emotional and more lucid, and therefore less inclined to bullshit in the reconquest process.

What kind of work should I do on myself?

Did she leave you because you didn't give her attention? Think about the things you like about her, and how you might make her feel appreciated if it will come back with you.

Did I leave her because you didn't give her the stability she was looking for? Be prepared for the idea of ​​giving her what she was looking for from your relationship.

Did she leave you because you betrayed her? Truncate immediately contact with other girls, cut Tinder, stop drinking, go clubbing, and do all the things she might associate with cheating. Change your lifestyle now that you are not with her, at least when you get back in touch you can prove her with facts that you have already changed.

Did she leave you because you hurt her? Try to fully accept who she is, and ask yourself what you can do to not hurt her again in the future.

3. Approach phase

After a certain period of detachment, you will finally be able to gradually reconnect with her.

If she is well disposed, talk to her on the phone, always in a friendly tone and without initially showing the willingness to get back together with her.

If necessary, apologize again, and start working for regain his trust.

How to win back a disappointed, angry or hurt girl: the method

How to win back a wounded woman: conclusions

We have reached the end of our journey, and if you wanted to know how to win back a disappointed girl, surely you have found some very useful ideas that I hope you will follow.

Thank you for making it this far, and I wish you good luck with everything ?

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