Strengthening the couple relationship: 7 ways

Strengthening the couple relationship: 7 ways

Strengthening the relationship is a challenge that requires not only motivation, but also understanding, commitment and respect.

Strengthening the couple relationship: 7 ways

Last update: 28 November 2022

Sometimes we put more emphasis on the amount of affection than on its quality. Yet our purpose should not be oceans of love, but to make this feeling ever deeper and, therefore, more solid. Strengthening the relationship must be a priority.  

Making the relationship more fulfilling and thus contributing to our balance and well-being is not easy. Strengthening the relationship means increasing the quality and depth of the bond that binds us to our partner, and this requires commitment and perseverance.

Nothing is small in love. Those who wait for great occasions to show their tenderness do not know how to love.

-Laure Conan-

In this article, we present 7 strategies for strengthening the relationship. These are attitudes that promote trust, intimacy and mutual value. Read on to find out.

7 useful strategies to strengthen the couple relationship

1. Respect the interests of the partner

It sounds obvious, but it isn't. In theory, we all know that it is important to respect the interests of the partner. In practice, however, we don't always do this. Especially when we are excluded from those interests or come into conflict with our own.

The other is just that: another. That it doesn't fit together is healthy, but it ceases to be if these differences fuel resentment or trigger a desire for control that has no reason to exist.

2. Accept the character of the partner

Really accepting means not wanting to change the other person e respect his times. We all have flaws and limitations that may disturb others. Nonetheless, we expect our partner to accept the whole package: both strengths and weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses.

To strengthen the couple relationship, we must give up the desire to want to change what we don't like about the partner. It is not about repressing ourselves in the face of his ways that we do not love, but understanding that they are a natural part of his story, just like any other person.

3. Knowing how to listen to strengthen the couple relationship

Some people remain silent, pursing their lips, while their partner talks. Others just don't listen. Only a few really know how to listen with an open heart without judging.

Listening coincides with the ability to understand the other person on their terms, not ours. A person who feels heard will also be motivated to listen. It seems obvious, but ugood communication is the backbone of any relationship.

4. Focus on the strengths and not the defects of the partner

At the beginning of the relationship we only see the strengths of the partner. Unfortunately or fortunately, this situation changes over time. As the months go by, some people begin to focus only on each other's flaws.

To strengthen the relationship, however, we should prevent this from happening. It is not that difficult. If we maintain a receptive and positive attitude, we will find that emphasizing the virtues of the other is the best thing to do. The partner will likely reciprocate in the same way.

5. Give your best

Human beings have different facets, sometimes very dissimilar to each other. Today we are heroes, tomorrow we could be frightened by a trifle. We are not machines and our identity is somewhat unstable, subject to various circumstances.

You need to communicate with your partner to understand if there is something they can't do and why. We have no right to question his intentions or measure his efforts against ours.

6. Recognize the partner's efforts to strengthen the relationship

Life isn't easy for anyone, but it gets a little easier when we share it with someone. What we expect from the partner is that he really accompany us, that he always offers us his hand.

Acknowledging efforts instills great happiness and deep gratitude, consequently pushes to improve. Approval and trust are very motivating feelings and bring two people together. This is certainly one of the smartest ways to improve the relationship.

7. Show affection with words and actions

It's a shame many people today think showing affection is cheesy. From the moment we are born, we all need displays of affection from others. It is like a kind of emotional food that nourishes us and makes us stronger.

It is not enough to show that you love your partner only in the most difficult moments. For the couple to be stronger, the displays of affection must be daily. You don't have to use cheesy words, but gestures that show that the partner is special to us.

Building a strong and healthy love story enriches our lives, improves our mental and even physical health. A healthy loving relationship makes us better people and helps us improve certain aspects of our life. It pays to learn how to strengthen the relationship.

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