The energy released by our relationships

The energy released by our relationships

The energy released by our relationships

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Last update: 15 November 2022

The energy released by our relationships determines us. We live in a world where we are infected with the emotions of others, where the magnetism of the gestures, words and movements of others can fascinate us or make us feel uncomfortable. We human beings are connected by invisible threads that affect us in many ways, but which we do not always perceive.

At first glance, these ideas about the energy released by our relationships may seem as strange as they are fascinating. It should be noted that in recent years, and with advances in the study of emotions and kinesthetic medicine, new fields of interest are emerging that deserve to be mentioned. An example is the work on so-called bodily intelligence.

"When you are enthusiastic about what you are doing, you feel positive energy".
Paolo Coelho-

According to this theory, people should be more aware of their inner energies, those that adhere to their body and are not always recognized. When we speak of "energies", we are referring first of all to those emotional states that limit or expand us as human beings, and which we also project onto others in some way.

There is an interesting aspect that is highlighted from this theoretical perspective. Most of us are unaware that we live in a world inhabited solely by these emotional, mental, and physical energy fields. Beyond matter, beyond a work environment with its workers and its structure, beyond even a beautiful house with all the luxuries and comforts, there is a network of emotions that permeates everything ...

The energy released by our relationships

Every cell, nerve fiber, neurological network and tissue in our body needs energy to function. Human beings are moved by an entire network of impulses. This is where neurons communicate with each other, forming some electrical brain waves based on what we do, think or feel at each moment.

Our moods leave their "footprints" in the context in which we find ourselves. We talked about work contexts and some homes. We have all noticed at one time or another that when we cross the threshold of a friend's house or start a new job, something imperceptible makes us feel uncomfortable, turns off our good mood.

Emotions, and especially those that come from stress, tension and anxiety, are easily transmitted. Psychologists call it the "law of exchange" and it is characterized by an alteration of our mental and emotional state caused by the attitude and emotional states of those around us. This "temperature" of the soul can cause us more costs than benefits: physical exhaustion, low motivation, distorted thoughts, discomfort.

The energy released from our relationships creates a certain atmosphere. This energetic field (enriching or disabling) will determine our well-being or our discomfort. Experienced psychologists in this field tell us that the goal would be to work on the law of uniform energy exchange. That is, to create emotional reciprocity that we can all benefit from.

This goal is undoubtedly the most desirable in any work organization, in any family, couple relationship, school environment, etc. To achieve this, we must start with ourselves, and this is also where our bodily intelligence can help us.

The energy released by our relationships: a key element for well-being

We all want to have satisfying, fluid, and meaningful relationships. However, we sometimes encounter some friction. Communication with your partner, children or colleagues may have gotten a little more complicated lately. In our tasks and in our daily actions we can feel less productive, less creative.

The energy released by our relationships is not limited to just other people. Our relationship with work and our physical or mental activity is another dynamic that requires a lot of energy (motivation, interest, positive attitude ...). The idea is therefore to use all our emotions and mental states in our favor to enjoy what we do. We want to improve our personal relationships, have a positive impact on others and create enriching energy environments.

Let's see some ways to do this.

Learn to understand your body to use energy to your advantage

  • When you get up in the morning, be aware of how you feel. Body intelligence reminds us that many of our emotional states are somatized in our body: tension, stomach or headache, muscle aches ...
  • Keep in mind that this physical discomfort often ends up being projected into the style of our language and attitude ⇔ I get up tired, I don't want to do anything and end up projecting it onto my partner by replying badly or making an inappropriate comment.
  • The ideal is to become aware of this emotional state and find the root of the problem. It's not worth putting off, it's not worth taking a painkiller and just "working", because that emotion, that discomfort is still latent and can diminish the quality of our relationships.
  • Change the energy pole. When we get up in the morning, we may not have much time for relaxation or stress management techniques. This is a point that we must postpone, but not overlook. To change the flow of this negative internal energy, it would be advisable to apply simple strategies that provide us with rapid well-being:
    • A healthy breakfast.
    • Listen to relaxing music while at work.
    • Walk practicing deep breathing.

Last but not least, there is a detail that we cannot forget. The energy we project onto others is the same energy that we will end up receiving. If I offer tension, discomfort, bad gestures and disinterest, the same will come to me. The energy released by our relationships comes from what each of us offers to the other. We invest first in ourselves to give the best to others.

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