How to win back the wife who no longer loves you: 5 decisive moves

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How to win back the wife who no longer loves you?

If your marriage is in crisis, you know you have lost your wife or you feel that you are losing her more and more every day, I know it could be a phase for you. difficult and painful to deal with. You are wondering:

How to win my wife back?

Where did I go wrong?

What should I do if my wife no longer loves me?

Maybe she has already asked you to move out of the house, or maybe you still live under the same roof. In any case, the woman you married, with whom you have built so much over the years and with whom you imagined spending the rest of your life now. he doesn't want to be with you anymore. It is then inevitable to experience a feeling of discomfort and excruciating pain. I understand you very well…

If it consoles you, you are not alone in this sad situation. ISTAT reports show a sharp increase in "couples that break out" every year. Do you think that in 2015 194.377 marriages were celebrated in Spain, while the number of divorces reached 82.469, recording an increase in 57% compared to the previous year!

These are exorbitant and unacceptable figures ...

For my part, in my small way, I decided to make a contribution to the cause ...

The path to win back his wife it is very similar to the general one, to be followed to win back an ex girlfriend. Therefore, the method and all the basic principles that I have already explained here remain valid. However, there are some additional considerations to make, which you will discover as you read today's all-important article from start to finish.

The right attitude to win back an ex-wife

What is the right attitude to win back a wife?

When your wife doesn't want you anymore, first you have to stand up and dry your tears. I know that despair comes automatically, but you will never be able to win her back by showing yourself fragile and defenseless, in short, making her pity. Every woman naturally feels attracted to strong men and emotionally stable, who react to life's challenges with determination and courage.

Getting dumped by your ex can be interpreted as a challenge. Are you reacting as a man or as a kid? If your ex-wife discovers that without her your world has collapsed, that you can no longer live, and that you cannot imagine a future far from her, she will think that you are weak and undesirable.

If, on the other hand, you will be able to maintain control of the situation, holding back your negative emotions (at least in front of her) and reacting to this challenge by real man, she will feel very attracted to your determination and will begin to question her choice to have left you.

How to win back the wife

I'll tell you right away that one marital crisis has a much higher importance and gravity than the end of a story between sweethearts. There is money, houses, years spent together, mortgages, children, and above all a common life project.

This means that your wife's decision to leave you must necessarily be based on deeply rooted emotional and rational reasons, on frustrations that have probably lasted for years, and on mistakes made by both and repeated over time.

I am not saying that getting your wife back is impossible, but you will understand that it is a challenging goal that will require. all your commitment, a lot of humility, a little study, and the ability to question yourself and improve as a man.

The good news is that if you can be patient and follow my advice, the chances of getting her back to you will be very high. After all, you have a very important common past, and elements or commitments that will keep you united forever for better or for worse.

Recognizing that your marriage has failed is a huge defeat, so your wife will be happy to come back to you if you can administer her. the right emotions, and solve the problems that have led her to move away.

So let's see how to win back your wife!

1. Give her some space

The first piece of advice I want to give you is to give her space, accepting for the moment that your relationship is over. This means that you will have to speak to her frankly, and say something like:

“Okay dear, if that's what you want I fully respect your decision. We can break up, and I am sure that in this way each of us will be able to find their own dimension and their own happiness. Maybe staying a little away is just what we need ”.

Eeeh ?? Have you gone crazy? I don't want our relationship to end !!

Calm down, now I'll explain ...

The attitude of "trying everything in order not to be left", or of "trying to convince her with logic to stay with you", would only end up by put even more pressure on her, and even more desire to escape and never return.

If, on the other hand, you show sympathy, and accept his choice to leave you, you will trigger mechanisms that will begin to work in your favor. You will release all the pressure and all the negative feelings that had formed between the two of you, creating an important space for her to miss you.

Also, your wife will appreciate your understanding and cooperation. She will feel very drawn to your resolve, and scared of the possibility that breaking up with you might be the wrong thing. Simply put, absurdly, this is the first step in recreating a connection between the two of you.

You do not believe me? Read this article on reverse psychology.

2. Understand what was wrong

The second step will be to pay full attention to trying to understand why your story didn't work out. You have to take responsibility without blaming yourself too much.

As the famous psychologist and relationship expert says John Gray, men and women have different needs and attitudes. The way they think and feel is so different, it almost seems like they come from two different planets. The only way to avoid misunderstandings, quarrels and dissatisfactions is to learn to recognize and value these differences.

So start by asking yourself what you may have disappointed her in, what attitudes of yours might have pushed her away, and what needs of her you were unable to meet. In dealing with this analysis, never take anything for granted: the ways in which your wife perceives the world are completely different from those through which you perceive it.

To make it easier for you, I want to give you a list of the main reasons why she may have lost interest in you or decided to leave you:

  • there is no more connection between you and boredom has taken over the relationship;
  • you do not have the right communication methods, or the communication between you has been interrupted;
  • you neglected it or you didn't take care of her in the right way;
  • some of your attitudes hurt or disappointed her;
  • you did not know give her the right stimuli or the prospects he was looking for.

As you can see, the reasons can be many, and even before asking yourself how to win your wife back, you should carry out a careful analysis of what was no longer working in your relationship.

3. Improve yourself and your life

The third phase is that of improvement, in which you will have to commit to changing yourself and your life for the better.

Work to improve your body and your look, rediscover yours male energy and that sense of direction in life that characterizes every successful man. Increase your self-esteem, get out of your comfort zone and introduce new positive habits.

Improve your social life, become more interesting and discover new hobbies and new activities that can fill your days and make you much more positive and fulfilled.

Focus on your career, and set yourself challenging new goals in no way connected with your wife.

4. Be kind and evasive

The key to this process is that you have to keep a whole time positive attitude towards your wife, regardless of how things seem to be going.

If you are resentful or angry, the wall between the two of you will get higher and higher, and you won't be able to save your marriage in any way. Instead I want you to let her know that you are fine and you are not mad at her.

It is very likely that you need to maintain some relationship with your ex even if you have broken up for now. In fact, there are children in common, property issues or various other factors that force you to keep in regular contact.

In this way you will give her the opportunity to see the progress you are making, and you will begin to detach yourself from that image of a weak man and unable to satisfy his needs, which perhaps lately he had made of you.

If you always look cheerful, a little mysterious, focused on yourself, and kind towards her, it will be very difficult for her to resist you. He will begin to miss you, and the growing desire to be part of your life again.

But be careful: in the first period after being left you must limit your contact with her to the bare minimum. This means that you don't have to look for her except for necessary reasons, and you absolutely don't have to tell us about the relationship between the two of you. Apply the principle of limited contact.

5. Return to giving her strong positive emotions

Your relationship probably hadn't worked out for a long time. The negativity had taken over the positive moments, of genuine happiness and love. It is not so?

To win back his wife it is then necessary to start over provide her with strong positive stimuli, progressively getting closer to her at the right time and making her remember how unique and special your relationship can be.

Emotions are the only way that will allow you to win back your ex-wife, and rebuild a fulfilling and lasting relationship with her. To stimulate the emotional side of the woman you still love so much, I recommend that you apply the techniques I teach.

How to win back my wife: conclusion

So now you know how to win back your wife, at least in broad terms, but I'm sure you still have many particular cases that you would like to investigate, and doubts that you have not found clarification in this article.

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