How to win back a lover: getting a married man back in 4 steps

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I want to win my lover back! … How to win back a married man who was my lover?

If you want to know how to win back a lover, this article is right for you, as we will analyze in detail the starting situation, and then I will provide you with some important tips and resources to help you reach your goal.

As always the purpose of my article is to analyze the psychological dynamics and emotions that hide behind man-woman relationships, since this has been one of my biggest interests since I was a kid.

I absolutely do not want to encourage betrayal, or make a moral judgment on whether or not to have a married lover. I leave you full responsibility for what you are doing or trying to do.

To win back your lover you understand why he has moved away

If you are wondering how to win back your lover, the first step is to understand why he has decided to move away from you.

First of all it is necessary to analyze the reasons why a man cheats on his wife with a mistress, in order to have more clear his needs on which you will have to leverage. As explained in this article, some of the main reasons are:

1. The search for transgression, to escape from the boredom of everyday reality.

2. The need to satisfy one's ego by feeling able to conquer other members of the opposite sex.

3. The desire to feel fully appreciated by another woman, if this no longer happens with his wife.

By keeping in mind the reasons why a man seeks (or finds himself having) a mistress, it's also easy to guess why he may have suddenly drifted away from you:

1. He already feels you are totally his and for this he has lost interest in you. The conquest has taken place and his ego has now been satisfied. Now it is no longer worth it for him to continue to risk cheating on his wife.

2. You have lost your transgressive role in his life. You are no longer providing them with news, risk, emotions, adrenaline. Also maybe you put pressure on him to see you, you have expectations, you are also jealous. You have become almost a surrogate for his wife, but he already has a wife and does not want another.

You've probably made mistakes, but fear not: all is not lost. It is possible to win back your lover, and in some cases it is even possible to get him to leave his wife for you.

How to win back a lover in 4 steps

The time has come to see how to win back the lover.

1. Stop being needy

Perhaps you have already made one or more of the following mistakes:

  • Begging your lover and repeatedly asking him for another chance.
  • Contact him several times throughout the day.
  • Check it out and try in every way to meet it.

It is completely normal to do stupid things for someone we care about particularly. But you need to do one thing from now on: every time you feel the urge to behave in a needy way instead stop and think, and think that these actions only lead you to push him further away.

2. Waiver of any claims

The last thing a married man wants is to have a mistress who puts pressure on him to spend more time together or to evolve their relationship in some way.

Avoid making yourself seen as needy or pretentious. Just focus on give him positive emotions. In the next points we will see how to do it ...

3. Go away for a while

It is essential at this stage to make your tracks lose for a while. By applying the classic principle of no contact you will be able to stimulate his curiosity, make him miss you and above all regain control of your emotions.

Take advantage of this period also to carry out a major renovation work on yourself: style, haircut, news, hobbies, social life ...

When you get back to him (with an excuse) you will have to be emotionally stable and a lot of positive changes compared to the last time he saw you. You almost have to give him the feeling that you are now a new woman, that he has never conquered yet. This is the first lever that will make him turn to you.

4. Recover a transgressive role

As we have seen, transgression is one of the main reasons why a man cheats on his wife with a mistress. The time has therefore come to recover that transgressive role you took on in her life when you started dating. But how to do it?

Seduce him without giving yourself. Offer him a match and then give him the hole at the last. It generates strong tensions of an erotic nature between you without giving them satisfaction (at least in the first phase). Make him live the risk of being discovered.

In all of this, remember to be the one who sets the rules. Never give him too much power in your relationship, don't let him see you too much, and don't indulge too often and too easily. Make it work a little bit, and you will see that he will never lose interest in you!

If apart from sex you would like something more, that is to make the married lover fall in love, the last step to take is to make it invest more in your relationship, but we'll talk about it in depth in another article dedicated to conquering the married man.

How to win back the lover: conclusion

I am convinced that I have given you some very interesting advice on how to win back a former lover, which I hope you will be able to use intelligently to achieve your goal.

But at the same time I realize that the reconquest is a delicate and complex path: it is a daily struggle that we find ourselves facing just when we are emotionally more fragile and in need of help. This is why you may need an extra helping hand.

In order not to leave you alone, I have decided to set up a daily email path to help you. If you decide to join, I will send you valuable tips and tricks every day to win back your ex without making other mistakes.

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