How to win back a broken love and recover a relationship

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How to recover a broken relationship? 

What are the right phrases to win back a lost love?

In this article we will talk about how to win back a broken love or how to recover a relationship in crisis, also thanks to the use of the right phrases to win back.

I don't know exactly what the situation is between you and your partner or partner. Perhaps you have already broken up for some time, or you are breaking up right now. Maybe you are still in contact, or you haven't heard from each other for a while.

In any case, the only sad certainty is that that great love that previously characterized your story is now a finished love. It doesn't matter what you do or what you say - it just doesn't work, as the ex is convinced that he no longer feels the same things he did before and doesn't want to be with you anymore.

On the other hand, you are fully convinced that your story could still work, and you can't resign yourself to the fact that it's over. You know you can give your ex partner a lot more, and you want to at least a second chance.

You are going through a very difficult time, right?

I understand you well, because I've been there too, more than once. For this reason, in this article I want to explain how to best deal with the situation, and how to regain a finished love without making trivial mistakes.

Is it possible to recover a finished relationship?

There are so many variables to take into consideration to determine if it is possible to regain a lost love: the reasons why your story is over, how long have you been together, if a third person intervened to alter the balance of your couple, if you have already made serious mistakes after he or she has left you ...

It is not possible to provide a scientific and infallible answer on how many are your chances of regaining, but through this online test you will be able to roughly understand how you are placed.

It only takes 2 minutes to complete - you'll have to answer 15 simple questions about your situation with your ex, and you'll instantly get a percentage representing your chances of winning back.

How to interpret the data? 

If the odds are over 60% you are in good shape, but don't claim victory: there is a lot of work to do anyway. Test here.

Do you want another good reason to take the test?

Once done, if you leave your email I will send you a series of daily tips that are very useful to face this delicate phase of your life in the best possible way.

If your chances of winning back are very low (less than 50%) or you rationally realize that this person is not the right one for you, you may want to know. how to forget a finished love, and to this end I invite you to read this very in-depth article of mine on stopping suffering for love.

Otherwise, keep reading!

How to win back a broken love

If you come from an important love story, now over or in any case in serious crisis, the first thing you need to do is immediately stop everything you are doing, and elaborate. a serious strategy that allows you to bring the ex partner back to you.

Exactly… a love cannot be won back with instinctive and reckless gestures, but with a careful and coherent action plan that you will have to carry out in the coming weeks and months. Without committing any wrongdoing! Only in this way will you be able to regain a finished love and go back to hold your ex in your arms.

Phrases to win back a lost love

If you are looking for phrases to win back a lost love, or would like to write a letter to win back a lost love, know that these techniques can be very effective, but are not sufficient, given that they must be included within an overall plan of reconquest. There are no shortcuts!

In any case, I leave you the links to some very in-depth guides that I wrote about it:

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Understand the real reasons for your breakup

The strategy for regaining a broken love must be based on a set of elements, including analyzing the reasons why he or she left you, or why your relationship went into crisis.

When the ex left you he gave you more or less clear explanations of the reasons why he doesn't love you anymore, and why he doesn't want to be with you anymore, but you must always keep these two facts in mind:

  • He probably gave you only a partial, sweetened version of the truth.
  • Probably he / she does not know in depth all the unconscious reasons that led him / her to make this choice.

Here then you have to start asking yourself a series of very important questions, including:

What was it that made him / her fall in love with you in the beginning?

What did you do together when love reigned?

What has changed in your life and his life recently?

What are his needs that you have not been able to satisfy?

In particular, I want to focus on the last question, presenting you with a very interesting theory: that of the six human needs, developed by the famous Anthony Robbins.

According to the American coach, each of us in life is moved by 6 main needs, and all the choices and changes we make, even in love, are an attempt to better satisfy these needs.

If two people manage to satisfy each other their needs, they can build a fantastic relationship together.

If, on the other hand, one of the two will satisfy most of their needs outside (through work, friends, relatives, their hobbies, other girls, other boys ...) and the partner will have little space in satisfying their needs, then the relationship will be short-lived.

What role did you play in meeting your ex partner's needs?

Obviously it is unthinkable to satisfy all the needs of a person, but the degree to which we can do it, corresponds to the importance we will have in his life.

What could you do to more fully satisfy his needs, or at least some of them?

Psychology win back a love

Psychology, and in particular reverse psychology, also plays a fundamental role in the reconquest process. Keep in mind this general rule, which I will never tire of repeating:

Human beings, when they understand that a person is too involved with them, they tend to lose their involvement.

It may be that the reason for the end of your relationship is also due to this: lately the ex has been feeling a lot in control of the situation, he clearly saw your involvement, and as a result he began to lose interest and withdraw from you.

If you now continue to follow that script, showing involvement and showing that recovering this relationship is essential for you, you will only give to the ex. even more power and make him move further away.

Well, we've come to the conclusion of our article on how to win back a broken love and recover a relationship. I am sure I have given you many useful tips that you will know how to use wisely.

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