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    How to tell if she is cheating on you: 6 signs not to be underestimated

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    Do you think your partner is cheating on you but you are not sure? Do you have this fear that no longer lets you live peacefully and would like to understand something more about it? Well, in this case, I'm happy to tell you that you happened upon right guide at the right time.

    Today, in fact, I want to explain to you how to understand if she is cheating on you through signals that, most likely, you were underestimating in your relationship. On the other hand, she will try not to make her betrayal obvious, but they are there small details that you might miss, and it is precisely on these that we will focus our attention.

    However, in case you need to know more and have more concreteness, then I suggest you rely on the skills and professionalism of Elizabeth Wilson, an investigator, consultant and author who has enclosed a foolproof method to understand if she cheats on you in her manual Find out if she cheats on you and with whom.

    After this reading you will no longer have any doubts, and you will be able to determine for sure whether your partner is in a relationship outside of your couple or not.

    How to discover a betrayal of her: 6 signs to watch out for

    Well, let's start right away by getting to the heart of the topic and discovering together what are the 6 most obvious signs that should make you sound the alarm bell. If she is cheating on you it is possible that one or more of these "symptoms" will come up, but not necessarily all women will show all six of them.

    In any case, try to pay attention to both what you are about to read and what you will need to notice within your couple. If you want to know how to tell if she is cheating on you, you need to get it in your head become a good observer.

    1. Changes in the look

    It will probably seem strange to you to read this first sign, but we are talking about a woman, and as such, if she really cheats on you with someone, chances are she has made some changes to her look.

    Whether it's new clothes, a new haircut, a new perfume or anything else related to aesthetics, you will need to pay attention to it. The "hidden" message, in fact, is very simple: I need to feel more beautiful and attractive.

    In short, it is exactly like the attention paid to clothing during the first releases and which, with time and greater knowledge, tends to diminish a little. Well, if suddenly you have started to give importance to these again details, it's not something you should casually overlook.

    A woman does not start "making herself beautiful" like this out of nowhere: either she is trying to attract a man, or to win the competition with another woman. In any case, if when you leave the house you notice it different, this is a first alarm bell.

    2. The need for more privacy

    Another fairly clear way to understand if she is cheating on you is the way she uses her devices (smartphone, tablet or PC). Let's start from this assumption: when you have nothing to hide, there is no reason to hide.

    If your partner has always been happy about leaving the phone at home or the PC open in front of you, and all of a sudden she doesn't do it anymore, it means that something is wrong. Likewise, if your phone rings or lights up, and you are about to put it in your pocket, it most likely means that you have received a "inconvenient notification".

    You might also pay attention to the access code on the phone (assuming and not granted that you have always known him): if she has taken care to change it, you should be at attention.

    Also, try to see how she feels the moment it receives a notification and you are around. Try to understand if she feels uncomfortable or embarrassed, if she gets up and walks away, if she closes the phone as soon as you get close to her. In short, pay attention to these behaviors, because you do not even imagine how many are the betrayals that arise because of "the fault of technology".

    Elizabet Wilson talks about it very well in her book Find out if she cheats on you and with whom. If you want to deepen this and many other signs to understand if she is cheating on you I highly recommend you immerse yourself in this reading.

    3. The detachment is not too obvious

    At this point we begin to talk about his attitudes in a more human and sentimental sense. When a woman cheats it is rare that he remains indifferent to the situation and, above all, to his "real" partner.

    In some cases she may need to be alone, in others she will be cold and detached, but it is rare that if she has a lover she tries to hide her cheating behind fake hugs or kisses.

    However, it's possible that when you point this out, she'll sweetly say something like, “But honey what are you saying, it's not true. Come here, maybe you miss my cuddles a bit ". Well, that doesn't mean he's cheating on you.

    But, if she is going to be sweet and pretty only on request, and then shut itself up in its shell as soon as it can, you should really start asking yourself some questions.

    4. Beware of your privacy

    Women who cheat they are not stupidThey know that if they suddenly stop indulging their partner, they will undoubtedly have more motivation to ask questions or show concern.

    Therefore, the woman who cheats is very likely to put herself in the perspective of turn a blind eye his disinterest in having relationships with his partner. However, as you well know, it is not enough to indulge yourself in order to be satisfied with a sexual relationship.

    Therefore, it's not so much the amount of times she gives herself that you need to focus on, but the quality of your union. Try to notice if he joins you in the same way, with the same passion, if he is inclined to be kissed and if he looks you in the eye.

    In short, without making it too obvious to him, he tries to understand if in that moment he is really there with you or if, on the other hand, she is simply giving herself in order not to feel criticized on your part.

    5. He often suggests you take your space

    Another fairly covert signal that you need to pay attention to in order to understand if she is cheating on you is her suddenness altruism towards you. In short, let's be honest: in most cases, women enjoy being involved in partner programs.

    So if your woman starts telling you that she prefers to stay at home, that she is tired, that you can go to that event without her without any problems, then this should ring in your mind. alarm bell.

    This, in fact, is neither altruism nor the desire to show you how much she trusts you or is calm in knowing you are out in company. There can be two things here: either she needs to "relax her nerves" and not have you too much by her side, or maybe, while you are out, she too organizes her "programs".

    6. The role of friends

    The last sign that I would advise you not to underestimate to understand if she is cheating on you is interest sudden which she shows weekly to see her friends.

    In short, when you hear "Tonight I see Cristina for an aperitif, do not wait for me for dinner" there is nothing to worry about. The problem, however, occurs when these opportunities become a little too repetitive.

    The aperitif, the dinner, the event, the birthday… It's there excessiveness with which all these encounters take place which should make you suspect that, most likely, friendships are a cover for his real plans.

    If you notice this sign, then, try to take an interest in his programs in a calm and quiet way, perhaps asking her the name of the place, what time she thinks she'll be returning home or if she would like to be accompanied by you because today you feel in the mood to make a gallant gesture.

    In short, try to put her in a condition in which you have the possibility to understand, through her answers, if it is true that suddenly she is interested in going out so often with her friends or if, instead, there is something else in his plans.

    How to find out if she cheats on you: conclusions

    Here we are at the end of this guide which, in one way or another I am sure will have provided you with some interesting ideas to think about. No woman who commits a betrayal or who has a lover can stay impassive with his partner.

    Whether you like it or not, it is still a state of arousal and fear that somehow will always leak out. Habits, behaviors and affinity with your partner change, and you have to be good at grasping the details.

    However, these six signs that we have seen today we can say are the most obvious and important ones, but for understand if she is cheating on you with certainty, my advice remains to rely on Elizabeth Wilson's professionalism, entirely contained in her manual Find out if she cheats on you and with whom.

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