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Friendship is ...

Last update: 10 September, 2022

Friendship is ... staying clean after the party is over, share with us the joy of organizing it or even preparing it without us to allow us, just for one day, to be the protagonists of a story.

Friends are the ones who wait because they know we may need them to the last. They are the ones who do not read our mind, but the twinkle of our eyes or the trembling of our hands. They are the reason why time never passes, they are the complicity and the meeting.

In friends we recognize a part of us and a foreign part that we admire

Friends are those people in whom we recognize a part of us and a part different from us, that we admire. Their ability to make us smile when we have no reason, their calm when we are nervous, their courage when everything drives us to fear, their comfort when we feel lost, their persistence when we tell them that today we don't want to go out.

They are those people who fondly remind us that where they eat we can eat too. Those people who come to pick us up at the station even if they have to stop what they were doing. They know we will help them later, even if we are tired from the journey.

Friends know our essence and we know theirs

Friends are those people we know very well and about whom we know every anecdote. We have listened to the story of the lost suitcase countless times and how they had to get by in Japan with only the clothes they were wearing, until they stole a pair of neighbour's knickers that didn't look so ugly. We already know they were horrible, but we laugh because every time they tell us we imagine them differently.

We even looked at what the underpants are like in Japan and there are so many ugly ones! In fact, we saved the photo on the mobile, in case we had to show it when we tell the story. Part of our friends' lives has become ours: a rule that also applies to them.

Friendship is ...

Friends are the ones who always answer and don't postpone to another moment, especially when they feel that we don't need an elaborate answer, just to know they are there. They are those people who accompany us to spend more time with us, not because they have nothing else to do or because they fear something might happen to us.

-But I live nearby.

- I know, but it doesn't matter. I accompany you.

Friends are rare, unique in their kind, original in their way of treating us, delicate or rude depending on the circumstance. But above all they are extraordinary people because they are this, they are our friends and not all are the same, but at the same time, strangely, they look alike.

Friends heal our wounds by saying "nonsense" that mix tears of pain with those of happiness and joy. They are the ones who get serious when we need ideas to solve a problem and who refuse to do so when it comes time to rest for a moment, to let some time pass before getting back to work ... because they will always come back.

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