Fermented papaya, a precious antioxidant

La fermented papaya it is used in action supplements antioxidant, to counteract free radicals, oxidative stress and aging.


What is papaya

La papaya (Carica papaya) is a tree native to Central America that belongs to the Caricaceae family. The papaya tree can grow up to ten meters, has a bearing resembling that of a palm and it produces rounded and oval fruits that can weigh up to five kilos.

When ripe, the papaya fruit is green on the outside and orange on the inside and it contains numerous black seeds rich in mucilages. Papaya is eaten fresh or used for prepare juices and drinks and is rich in vitamins.

The papaya drug, however, is not represented by the fruit but by the petals, present in all the laticiferous tissues of the plant and extracted from immature fruits.

The latex is extracted by making incisions on the fruit and scraping it once it has congealed in contact with the air. The latex is then dried and purified to obtain papain. Papain is used in gastric and duodenal insufficiencies for its proteolytic action, as well as as a healing agent.

The fermented fruit, known as fermented papaya, it is instead used in the production of natural preparations for its antioxidant properties as there is no lack of clinical evidence demonstrating the beneficial effects against oxidative stress and immune decline.

Furthermore, the intake of fermented papaya for a circumstantial period was found to have led to a significant improvement in the clinical condition of patients suffering from diabetes.


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Fermented papaya and antioxidant action

La fermented papaya it is obtained by subjecting the papaya fruit to microbial fermentation.

Following fermentation, the papaya is dried, pulverized and used for the preparation of food supplements. Fermented papaya is recommended for its antioxidant action, useful to counteract the action of free radicals, oxidative stress, aging and related pathologies.

Fermented papaya supplements are therefore taken when desired counteracting aging body.
However, it should be remembered that the supplements based on antioxidants, as well as supplements in general, are not intended as a substitute for a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

A diet rich in raw and cooked plant foods, which includes five daily portions of fruit and vegetables and which includes a good variety of foods, already provides the body with them antioxidant substances it needs to counteract the action of free radicals, slow down the aging process and stay healthy for as long as possible.


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