Seasonal fruit, June

Below is the list of seasonal fruit available in June. Select the fruit to know the properties.

> 1. Apricots

> 2. Sour cherries 

>  3. Banana

> 4. Cherries

> 5. Figs

> 6. Strawberries

> 7. Raspberries

> 8. Lemons

> 9. Melons

> 10. Blueberries

> 11. Nespole

> 12. Pere

> 13. Peaches

> 14. Plums and plums



Apricots they are fruits rich in beta-carotene and lycopene useful against cholesterol"bad" LDL. High in fiber, apricots are also useful for weight loss and control hyperglycemia. They also have a strong antioxidant power, due to vitamin A, which helps to stem the effects of free radicals.


Sour cherries

The sour cherries, or sour cherries, are the fruits of the Prunus cerasus tree. Rich in bioflavonoids, they have a positive effect on the blood circulation and are useful in the prevention of strokes and thrombosis. The black cherries, moreover strengthen the capillaries and give the skin a healthier and more toned appearance.



Bananas are fruits rich in phosphorus, vitamins, potassium and fiber. They contain 65 kcal / 273 kj per 100g, and if consumed regularly they help restore the proper functioning of the intestine. Bananas also contain vitamin B and magnesium, and have a relaxing effect on the nervous system.



The cherries they are greedy fruits rich in flavonoids. These are capable of stimulating collagen production and for this reason they are beneficial for cardiovascular and health against cholesterol. Cherries are also considered very effective for the treatment of gout, as they contain antioxidants that can relieve inflammation.



And fichi, fruits of Ficus carica L., are important for the nutrition of children and adults, as they are rich in vitamins. Known for laxative and anti-inflammatory properties, figs they also facilitate the assimilation of foods and perform a caustic and proteolytic action in defense of the skin.



Strawberries they are fruits rich in nutrients and low in calories. In fact, they contain only 27 kcal / 113 kj per 100 g. Strawberries have a diuretic, refreshing and purifying action and thanks to the presence of xylitol, are able to prevent the formation of dental plaque and bad breath.



Raspberries they are very useful fruits for regularizing the menstrual cycle and resolving menopause disorders. They are rich in water (over 80%) and contain a good amount of minerals and vitamins, in particular vitamin A. They are diuretic, refreshing and purifying fruits. 



And lemons they are excellent allies of the immune system thanks to the vitamin C they contain. They also contain citric acid and citrates which are natural acidity regulators. Furthermore, lemons are rich in B vitamins, which are important for nervous balance, nutrition and skin balance.



The melon it is a fruit with few calories, rich in minerals and with a high satiating power. Refreshing, diuretic and thirst-quenching, melon also has a laxative action. The presence of phosphorus and calcium makes the melon an excellent ally of the bones, and also contains beta-carotene, a valid ally of the tan.



Blueberries they can be black (Vaccinium myrtillus) or red (Vaccinum vitis idea) and both belong to the Ericaceae family. They have strong power antioxidant e anti-inflammatory, and are mainly used in the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections and, in particular, cystitis.



The medlars they are fruits rich in vitamins A, vitamins of group B and vitamin C. They also contain formic acid, a dietary fiber that gives medlars an excellent satiating power and makes them useful in case of sloping diets. They are low in calories and contain a lot of minerals.



Le pears, whose most widespread species is Pyrus communis, are fruits rich in calcium and boron, they help to hinder osteoporosis and lower cholesterol. Pears are also allies of the brain, they improve the alertness and the ability to store notions or keep memories.



Fishing it is a fruit with a refreshing, thirst-quenching, diuretic and slightly laxative action. The peach is rich in water up to 90% and is useful against constipation, kidney stones and cellulite.



The plums, are fruits consumed both dry and fresh. Thanks to their content of vitamins and mineral salts, plums help to replenish minerals and are a valid help against fatigue. The pulp is rich in antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols.


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