Top fruit of December, mandarins

Tangerines are very nutrient-rich fruits, in particular vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamins of group B and potassium.

They are the sweetest of citrus fruits and also the most caloric, but they are easily digestible and, thanks to the rich content of fibers, help the intestines to function well.

Contain, Furthermore, bromine, a substance that promotes relaxation and sleep.

Let's find out how to eat them and integrate them into the December diet.


Tangerines, an excellent ally for a healthy snack for children

Tangerines are in season from December to March and, throughout this period, we really have no excuse not to include fruit in children's snacks, even at school and on all other occasions when they have a snack outside the home.

In fact, tangerines are a very practical fruit from this point of view: for the older ones we can put them whole in the backpack, in a plastic bag, and, for the little ones, we peel them, divide them into wedges and store them in a small hard plastic container; unlike other fruits they do not oxidize.

Of course, the tangerines, the real ones, have kernels and for the little ones they could be a bit more problematic: in that case we can resort to clementine.


Tangerines and clementines, what's the difference?

Mandarins and clementines are not the same fruit, although we often confuse them. Clementines are a graft between mandarin and bitter orange. What are the main differences between the two fruits?

  • Mandarins have i kernels, clementines almost never.
  • Mandarins have the peel of an orange color lighter than clementines.
  • Tangerines are much more fragrant and they have one crafts less rounded than clementines.
  • Tangerines have a higher sugar content and are therefore more caloric, but they are also richer in fiber.
  • The clementines are more rich in vitamin C.


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Like eating tangerines and their wonderful peel

If you can find organic tangerines in December, don't miss them; they will help you prepare Christmas treats with an edge.

Their rind, in fact, has a very pleasant aroma. Casette and gingerbread cookies will be even more fragrant if you enrich them with a lot of good organic mandarin peel. If, on the other hand, you want to surprise your guests with a very rich and fragrant cake, try this one. It is very caloric, but an exception to the rule can be done for the holidays.


Tangerine-scented cake

> a disc of shortcrust pastry,
> mandarin marmalade (about 150 grams),
> 200 grams of peeled and toasted almonds,
> 80 grams of sugar,
> a teaspoon of baking soda or baking powder,
> the zest of two or three mandarins,
> one whole egg + one egg white.

Preparation: the tangerine peel can be obtained with the help of a potato peeler, being careful not to remove the white part; prepare the shortcrust pastry according to your favorite recipe.

Cover the bottom and edges of a springform pan with the shortcrust pastry, spread a thin layer of tangerine jam.

For the filling: chop the almonds and citrus peels rather finely, and put everything in a bowl; add sugar, baking soda (or baking powder), and whole egg + egg white; mix the mixture well with the help of an electric mixer; also pour the filling thus obtained into the mold and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for about 40/50 minutes.

Please note:: the shortcrust pastry must be very thin, otherwise you risk finding it raw on the bottom, if the surface of the cake begins to darken too soon, cover with baking paper and continue cooking.


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