End of a love: how to overcome the pain of the end of a relationship

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Getting over the breakup of a relationship, no matter how long it lasted, it is never easy. You can suffer from the end of a love that lasted 5 years just as you can suffer from the end of a relationship that lasted just a few months.

In many cases, it starts to grieve even before the relationship is actually over. In fact, as we will see, there are several signals that make us understand that the relationship we are living is hanging by a thread, as perhaps love is over.

A love that ends it is pure melancholy. The pain, the disappointment, the sadness and the solutine seem to mark the rhythm of your days. But in the end, although it is an uphill and not very pleasant path, you always manage to get out of it.

If you find yourself in this situation, whether you are a man or a woman, here you will find what you were looking for: an article entirely dedicated to the end of a love, the timing of pain and overcoming suffering.

Before starting with the reading, however, I invite you to take this quick online test which, through a few questions, will allow you to understand how you have managed your disappointment in love up to now:

End of a love: signals

As we were saying, when we talk about the end of a love it is absolutely not taken for granted that we are talking about a relationship that has already ended. As a result, I will start presenting you with signs that you should watch out for in case you and your partner stay together again.

First, when love is fading, the communication it is practically non-existent, from all points of view. We don't talk much, we tell ourselves few things and, above all, there is no longer dialogue to try to solve problems.

At the same time, the amount of the time we spend together is really reduced to the bone, not to mention the quality of the same. You only share the "necessary" time, especially if you live together or if you are in a marriage.

Another not insignificant sign is theabsence of a sex life. When a love is about to end it is difficult for the two partners to find themselves accomplices under the sheets: on the other hand, they no longer find themselves accomplices even outside, in everyday life.

Moreover, it very often happens that one of the two partners starts going out more often in the evening with their friends or colleagues, for take some moments of leisure from the heaviness of the situation. At the same time, however, there is no talk of doing or planning things together.

In short, when a relationship is ending you see it and, above all, you feel it. In these cases, instead of dragging the relationship, thus risking only getting hurt more, it would be appropriate face reality and surrender to the evidence of things.

Likewise, if you've already broken up, it's important avoid wasting any more time to try to recover from the situation. We have to stop and ask ourselves if it's really worth it, because we are talking about time that no one will give you back.

Pain about the breakup of a relationship

A love that ends, as we said at the beginning, brings with it a lot of suffering and disappointment. A suffering more than lawful, human e understandable.

When a relationship ends, in fact, all balance that had been created with the partner over time fade away. Suddenly you feel alone and at the mercy of events, thinking you have poor control over one's life.

And in fact, the end of a love is often compared to a real one trauma, because it implies moving away from the person you have loved for a long time. Metaphorically speaking, we can define it as mourning.

As a result, suffering from the end of a relationship is the most human and normal thing that can happen. Also because, in addition to the pain of separation, there is also the whole nostalgia linked to the past, to what one has lived and no longer has.

Furthermore, it must also be considered that the pain of the end of a love becomes even more unbearable the moment you are left.

The reason is to be found in some psychological dynamics that take over when you are abandoned or rejected. This is why, in most cases, those who are left suffer more than those who leave.

How long to get over the end of a love?

At this point it becomes important to talk about timing: how long does it take to metabolize the end of a love? Well, as you can imagine, in that regard we cannot speak of exact science.

However, let's say that, approximately, they serve at least 3 months to be able to recover from the end of a relationship. The "calculation" can never be exact since each relationship has its own history, resulting therefore specific and in its own right.

For example, overcoming the end of a love that lasted 15 years will be much more complex than overcoming the end of a relationship that lasted a few months. In addition, the kind of story that you lived with that person.

Was it intense, engaging, sincere and profound? Then it will take longer than a story lived in a more carefree and "superficial" way. Even the way where the relationship itself is over plays an important role, not to mention the causes.

If the relationship ended abruptly, perhaps due to betrayal, a heavy quarrel or a sudden separation of the partner, overcoming the end of the relationship will be much more difficult, because so many remain "active" negative emotions.

Another factor of incidence concerns the management of relations with the ex partner. If communications are open, or if you have the hope of getting back together, overcoming the end of a love becomes much more complex, because it is as if you remain hooked to the past.

Last but not least, too your way of being has a major impact on timing. Some people are very sensitive, while others manage to be very rational: this makes a big difference when it comes to overcoming the end of a love.

How to get over the breakup of a relationship

As we understand, ending the pain of breaking up is not easy, and it can take a long time. However, know that you play a very important role in the process.

If you stand still with your arms folded crying on yourself, you will likely continue to feel bad for a long time to come. If, on the other hand, you become an active part of your healing process, doing the right exercises and getting your life back in motion, everything will be for the best very quickly.

Thanks to the advice and psychological exercises that you will find inside, you will be able not only to overcome the end of a love, but also to undertake a fantastic path of personal growth, rediscovering yourself and transforming your pain into vital energy.

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