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Nothing sandwiches stuffed full of sauces and sausages, snacks and sugary drinks: the fastest (and unhealthy) solution for a packed lunch. But not even the classic rice salad with eggs, cheese, sausage and in oil: it has a content of calories and fat which often beats the most seasoned sandwich. 

TASTY AND LOW CALORIC DISHES To make your premiere even more enjoyable trip out of town, our biologist chef has made a commitment and created a complete meal, from the first to the dessert, quick to prepare, tasty and ... with few calories.

MANY CARBOHYDRATES WITH THE RIGHT PROTEINS Under the watchful eye of Carla Lertola, who we all know to be inflexible, Dr. Dall'Erta has been able to interpret the portions of the Free Diet, which sees as protagonists i carbohydrates (in the spelled salad and in the dessert) flanked by the right amount of protein (provided by eggs, ricotta and goat cheese).

AT THE TABLE IN MERRY «Maria Paola's menu is proof that a healthy and balanced diet does not detract from the pleasure of the table», Comments our super expert. «You just need to have the desire to indulge in the kitchen and experiment new recipes. The best way for the "rules" that we are learning to know are transformed into an established habit ». And if you need others advice, our experts are here to help you.

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