Chicory: 10 recipes for all tastes

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Do you want to change your usual menu? Maybe you didn't know that a simple ingredient like the chicory it lends itself easily to numerous preparations that are very simple to make. You can add our suggestions to your vegetarian recipe collection. Here is a selection of chicory-based dishes for all tastes.


Mashed beans and chicory

Il Mashed beans and chicory it is a typical dish of Apulian cuisine that you can bring to the table as a side dish. It is prepared starting from fresh broad beans or with dried broad beans, depending on the season. Here is the recipe to follow.

: Yum Yum

Chard and chicory savory pie

Le savory pies they can have a very rich and varied filling. For example, you can choose beets, chicory, pitted olives and fresh cheese, as in the recipe for Dolce Senza Zucchero. THU all instructions.

: Sugar Free Sweet

Chicory roll

Simply with water, extra virgin olive oil and semi-wholemeal flour you can prepare the base for yours roll, while for the filling you will need chicory, sunflower seeds and, if you like, poppy seeds. THU the recipe of An organic world.

: An organic world

Rice pancakes, wild fennel and chicory

You can prepare these pancakes starting with a parmigiana risotto with the addition, towards the end of cooking, of wild fennel and chicory. You can get pancakes to pass in breadcrumbs and fry in hot oil. Here the complete recipe.

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Rice pie with chicory

With chicory you can also prepare a rice cake to bring to the table as a first course alternative to the usual recipes. To flavor the rice cake the suggestion is to use green pepper. THU the recipe to follow.

: Grandma's recipes

Meatballs with chicory and potatoes

You can prepare some with potatoes, chicory, breadcrumbs and grated cheese vegetarian meatballs very tasty to cook easily in a pan. You can also add your herbs to your favorite cities. THU the recipe to inspire you.

: Bitter-sweet

7) Chicory sautéed in your city

La chicory sautéed in your city, or 'strascinata chicory' is one of the simplest and fastest side dishes that you can prepare with chicory. The traditional recipe simply requires you to stir-fry the chicory with garlic, oil and chilli. THU the directions to follow.

: Elly Chezenity

8) Chicory and chickpea soup

Chicory can also become the protagonist of a hot dish starting, for example, from chicory and chickpea soup. To prepare it you can use the already boiled chickpeas or dried chickpeas to be cooked. THU the recipe to follow.

: Recipes and Surroundings

9) Pizzoccheri with chard, chicory and potatoes

If you usually prepare the pizzoccheri with cabbage, as per traditional recipe, you could experiment at least once with this variant which includes chicory, chard and potatoes as a condiment. THU the recipe to follow.

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10) Potato and chicory soup

To prepare a tasty soup you will need: potatoes, chicory, vegetable broth, extra virgin olive oil and, if you like, a clove of garlic and a fresh or dried chilli pepper. Personalize everything with seasonal vegetables. THU the recipe to follow.

: Tina's recipes

Do you have other recipes with chicory to suggest?

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