Chickpea porridge: 10 recipes and variations

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La chickpea porridge it is a traditional recipe of the so-called "poor" cuisine. It is prepared in a wood oven and with only three main ingredients: chickpea flour, water and extra virgin olive oil, to which you add salt and pepper to flavor.

However, there are many variants of the traditional chickpea farinata, since we can enrich the preparation of the farinata with herbs from your city, spices and seasonal vegetables.

La farinata is probably one of the recipes based on best known chickpea flour, together with Sicilian panelle.

Here is a collection of recipes to experiment to prepare the chickpea porridge. You can add them to your vegetarian recipe book.


Homemade chickpea porridge

We can prepare the chickpea porridge at home with some little tricks to heat our oven well and to position the pan in the best possible way, even if we don't have a wood oven. THU find our recipe to prepare chickpea porridge at home.


Chickpea porridge with Thermomix

If you have a kitchen robot, you can try to prepare the chickpea porridge at home by pouring the flour, extra virgin olive oil and all the other ingredients into the special jug and start the suitable program to mix the dough. THU all the instructions for preparing chickpea porridge with the Thermomix.

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Light chickpea porridge

Would you like to prepare a lighter version of chickpea porridge? There light chickpea porridge plans to use a smaller quantity of extra virgin olive oil than the traditional recipe in order to obtain a less caloric flour. THU recipe.

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Genoese chickpea porridge

The chickpea farinata is a typical Genoese and Ligurian dish. We can prepare it at home following the traditional recipe. If we want, we can add some marjoram leaves and rosemary needles to the dough. THU the recipe to follow.

: The little house

Stir-fried chickpea porridge

Did you know that chickpea farinata can also be cooked in a pan? Sure, the result will not be identical to traditional chickpea porridge cooked in a wood oven, but it's still worth experimenting, as pan-fried chickpea porridge is still really good. THU the recipe to follow.

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Chickpea porridge with vegetables

To enrich the traditional chickpea porridge you can add your favorite seasonal vegetables to the mixture, preferably to be minced to improve the success of the pea flour. THU find a recipe from chickpea porridge with vegetables from which to take inspiration.

: Lumen Natural Cuisine

Chickpea porridge with turmeric and spinach

You can enrich your chickpea porridge with spinach and if you want to give the recipe an extra touch of flavor and color, add a pinch of turmeric or saffron. THU the recipe to follow.

: Rossana's recipes

Chickpea porridge with zucchini

One of the simpler variations to make compared to traditional chickpea porridge is chickpea porridge with courgettes, a really tasty dish to serve as a main course or as an aperitif. THU the recipe to inspire you to prepare chickpea porridge with zucchini.

: My Ricettarium

Chickpea porridge with herbs in your city

Mint, rosemary, parsley, oregano, marjoram, basil and thyme are just some of the herbs in your city that you can add to the preparation of your chickpea porridge to make it even more special. THU a recipe from which to take inspiration.

: Fulvia’s Kitchen

Chickpea and potato porridge

Here is a last really tasty variant to prepare chickpea porridge at home. This is the farinata with chickpeas and potatoes. Just add to the mixture the potatoes you have previously boiled and the herbs in your city to taste. THU the recipe to follow.

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You have other recipes to suggest to prepare chickpea porridge?

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