Chickpea porridge: the recipe to prepare it at home

La farinata is one of the traditional recipes based on chickpea flour more known and loved. In fact, very few ingredients are enough to make a truly delicious dish.

The advice to make your chickpea porridge even healthier and tastier is to choose organic ingredients, with particular reference to chickpea flour and extra virgin olive oil, essential to give this recipe its characteristic taste.

Here's how to prepare the chickpea porridge according to traditional recipe.


250 grams of chickpea flour
750 ml of water
Extra virgin olive oil
Fine salt
black pepper


Dissolve the water and the chickpea flour in a large bowl. Mix well with a whisk to avoid the formation of lumps. The advice is to gradually add the water to the flour. Let the mixture rest for at least 4 hours (better yet, overnight). After the rest time has elapsed, remove any foam that may be present on the surface and adjust the flavor of your dough by adding a little salt or more, according to your tastes.

Sprinkle with plenty of extra virgin olive oil the bottom of a non-stick oven pan or the classic tin-plated copper pan for the farinata. The thickness of the farinata should be rather thin, equal to about half a centimeter. You can use one or more trays. Pour the mixture into the pan and mix, so that the oil is absorbed.

The cooking of chickpea porridge takes place in an optimal way when the oven can reach high temperatures. Who has a wood-fired oven will get a perfect cooking. The farinata is ready when the classic golden crust has formed on the surface. You should have an oven that reaches 250-270 ° C and that allows you to cook the farinata quickly in about 15 minutes starting from the liquid dough of the traditional recipe.

The suggestion in this case is to set the home oven to the maximum temperature and cook the farinata on the bottom of the oven for the first ten minutes, then move it to the center of the oven and finish cooking at 220 ° C until the surface is golden brown.

Chickpea porridge: the recipe to prepare it at home

After taking your farinata out of the oven, you can season it with a pinch of black pepper. Some variations involve the addition of needles rosemary or other ingredients, even directly in the dough, such as courgettes cut into thin strips or chopped artichokes.

A few more tips

Did you realize that the cooking of chickpea porridge in your own home oven is not optimal? In this case you could try to experiment with the preparation of a denser dough than indicated in the traditional recipe.

Change the quantities of water and chickpea flour by creating your own batter with 200 grams of chickpea flour and 350 milliliters of water. The batter will be thicker and cooking in the oven can take place at a lower temperature.

To prepare the batter for the farinata, follow the same procedure as the traditional recipe. You can add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs to your city to taste. It is cooked for 15-20 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 ° C.

Finally, if you love chickpea flour, you can experiment with the preparation of farifrittata in the pan: here you will find many recipes for omelettes without eggs based on chickpea flour.

Do you have any trick to suggest to prepare chickpea porridge at home?

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