Chanterelles: 10 recipes for cooking "chanterelle" mushrooms

I chanterelles they are also known as chanterelle mushrooms, gallucci or chanterelles and with other regional names. Their scientific name is Cantharellus cibarius. This variety of mushrooms lends itself to preparing different dishes, from first courses to side dishes.

These mushrooms can be preserved dried or pickled or used fresh for cooking. Here is a collection of recipes with chanterelles used as a main ingredient for numerous dishes.


Risotto with chanterelles

You can prepare the risotto with chanterelles in white or yellow with the addition of a pinch of saffron during cooking. Here is the recipe to follow.


: Ode to wine

Sautéed chanterelles

I sautéed chanterelles they are prepared and flavored with extra virgin olive oil, fresh parsley, chilli powder, two cloves of garlic, salt and pepper. Here the recipe.


: Taste Blog

Spaghetti alla chitarra with chanterelles

Chanterelles are often used as seasoning for pasta, for example for the spaghetti alla chitarra typical of some regional and traditional recipes. Here is the recipe to follow.

: Salt and pepper

Chanterelle goulash with potato dumplings

A unusual version of goulash it is prepared with chanterelles as an alternative to meat and accompanied with dumplings prepared with potatoes. Here the recipe to discover.

: Tirolo

Chanterelles au gratin in the oven

You can cook the chanterelles in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and parsley then au gratin them in the oven by adding grated bread and herbs to your city to taste. Here is the recipe to follow.

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Spelled with chanterelles

Chanterelles become a condiment not only for rice or pasta but also for spelled if you want to bring a first course a little different than usual. Here the recipe.

: The cherry season

Chanterelles and baked potatoes

If this combination inspires you, you can cook the chanterelles together with the potatoes in the oven, perhaps passing them first in a pan with oil and parsley to flavor them. Here the recipe.


: Murzillo Saporito

Chanterelles in oil

Chanterelles are among the mushrooms you can get preserve in oil scrupulously following all the recommendations for the preparation of the recipe and for the choice of edible mushrooms. Here the recipe.

: Grandma's recipes

Ravioli with chanterelles

Among the recipes of Ligurian cuisine we find the ravioli with chanterelles to be prepared at home right from the dough and to be seasoned with chanterelles. Otherwise with mushrooms you can create the filling of homemade ravioli. Here the recipe.

: Eating in Liguria

Chanterelle soup

Chanterelles finally become an ingredient to prepare homemade soups and creams paired with potatoes, pumpkin or other seasonal vegetables. Here the recipe.

: On a gentle flame

What are your favorite recipes with chanterelles?

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