Fennel: 10 recipes to enjoy them at their best

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I fennel are vegetables well known for their digestive and digestive properties in your city. They are widely used in the kitchen, especially for the preparation of first courses and hot and cold side dishes. Fennel is rich in water and low in calories. They present diuretic properties and are rich in flavonoids. They are typical of the winter season.

Here are many ideas and recipes taken from the web to prepare, cook and enjoy fennel at its best.


Risotto with fennel and saffron


From the blog Everything at a glance here is a very simple recipe to prepare a tasty risotto with fennel and saffron. It will be the saffron that will give your risotto a characteristic taste. If you don't have it available, you can replace it with turmeric, which still goes very well with fennel. Here the complete recipe.

Fennel and orange salad

Here is the recipe for making a fresh fennel and orange salad, with the addition of olives and walnuts. You can dress your salad with salt and good extra virgin olive oil.

Cream of fennel

Never throw away the outermost layers of fennel or the parts that are often considered waste, including tufts, but use them to prepare tasty soups based on seasonal vegetables. For example, for 2 people, just cook 750 small fennel and 1 potatoes in 2 ml of vegetable broth. Use the hand blender to give yours cream of fennel the desired consistency and flavored with your own city herbs and spices. Serve your soup with croutons.

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Fennel cream with crunchy artichokes


Thanks to this recipe proposed by the blog Feel Cook you can prepare one fennel cream to be served in a truly elegant way. You will accompany it with gods crispy artichokes, so as to combine two very healthy seasonal vegetables in a single dish. Follow the complete recipe here to prepare a tasty fennel cream with crispy artichokes.

Fennel in a pan


One of the quickest ways to make a hot fennel side dish is to make a short one cooking in a pan. He blog Nourish And Raw suggests sautéing the fennel over high heat with oil and soy sauce and seasoning them with herbs in your city like marjoram and tarragon, with the addition of garlic and onions to taste. Here the complete recipe.

Winter fennel salad


For those who love to taste the raw fennel, here is an original idea to experiment with the preparation of a winter fennel salad. After cutting the fennel into thin strips, you can enrich your salad with orange wedges, walnuts and slices of parmesan. Season thefennel salad with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Here the complete recipe.

Fennel au gratin light

: Barbie magical cook

I fennel gratin, here is one of the most traditional preparations for these vegetables which are in themselves very light and which lend themselves to being enriched with more substantial ingredients, such as grated cheese. You will also need breadcrumbs, salt and pepper. You can blanch the fennel before moving on to cooking in the oven. Here you will find the complete recipe.

Fennel stuffed with vegetables

lacucinayour country.com

Da The kitchen your country, here is another traditional recipe. It is about the fennel stuffed with vegetables, which you can choose according to your tastes. After blanching the fennel, you can remove the central part, to blend with the other ingredients if necessary, to obtain the filling. THU the complete recipe.

Red chicory and fennel salad

From the blog Healing with Colors, here is a recipe to prepare a tasty red radicchio and fennel salad, which will allow you to enjoy the beneficial properties of both vegetables. You can enrich your salad with walnut kernels, orange slices and balsamic vinegar.

Fennel and cheese flan

Finally we propose one vegetarian recipe to enjoy a very rich dish based on fennel and cheese. It is one fennel flan that you can easily prepare in the oven. This recipe is anti-waste, as it involves using del stale bread. Blanch the fennel before composing the ingredients and putting them in the oven. Here the complete recipe.

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