Calcium: properties, benefits, curiosities

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Football it is an important mineral for the health of bones and teeth, very useful for fighting nervousness, anxiety and depression. Let's find out better.

> What is football

> Benefits and properties

>  Daily calcium requirement

> Effects of calcium on the psyche and spirit

> How to use

> Curiosities and historical notes

What is football

Chemical symbol: Ca2+
Football is a alkaline earth metal tender, gray. It is the fifth element and the third metal most present in the earth's crust, of which it constitutes 3%, and plays a fundamental role in the composition of leaves, bones, teeth and shells in living organisms.

Silvery white in color, ductile and malleable, it is an extremely reactive mineral to water and quickly yellow when exposed to air. It is always found combined with other elements and is obtained by extraction from calcareous minerals. Its compounds are used in the construction industry: lime (calcium hydroxide), cement and mortar.

Benefits and properties

Calcium is essential for the growth and health of bones and for the well-being of the teeth, as it ensures their density and elasticity. Fights the tendency to caries, All 'Osteoporosis and descaling. It is necessary for proper muscle development, prevents cramps and contractures.

Football stimulates cell metabolism, the assimilation of nutrients and the production of energy. It is indicated during pregnancy and lactation.

Fundamental to thesystem balance nervous, calcium lowers cholesterol, stabilizes the heart rhythm and regulates blood clotting and pH.

Football e Vitamin A: an excellent combination for maintaining healthy skin and preventing the formation of eczema.

Daily calcium requirement

An adult needs a daily intake of about 900 mg of calcium, which increases up to 1 g and more in pregnant or menopausal women, in men over 65 and in boys in the age of development and, generally, can be taken through nutrition, with foods rich in calcium.

Calcium, the bone mineral

Effect of calcium on the psyche and spirit

Football is a tranquilizer natural. Fights nervousness, insomnia and depression. Stabilizes emotions, mitigates anguish and aggression, instills self-confidence and helps overcome fear, especially in the event of traumatic events.

Calcium strengthens the learning ability and the memory. Helps clarify thinking and gives a strong inner boost in case of apathy.

Football regulates personality development and acts as a stabilizer and accelerator of the subject's intellectual growth.

How to use

Calcium is absorbed in the intestine in the presence of vitamin D. A balance of magnesium, phosphorus e silicon it is also essential to its proper metabolism. Recommended intake in catalytic form in oligotherapy it avoids any risk of overdose (hypercalcemia, constipation, hypertension and nausea) compared to the traditional pharmacological one and allows a more selective action on the nervous system and on decalcification. crystal therapy it is customary to put in direct contact with the body the minerals with a high content of football (apatite, aragonite, calcite and fluorite) to obtain the desired results, even for long periods.

Curiosities and historical notes

Lime (from the Latin calx) was already known and used by the Romans since the 1808st century, but calcium as an element was discovered and isolated only in XNUMX by Sir Humphry Davy through the process of electrolysis.

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