Zeppole di San Giuseppe: the vegan recipe with sourdough

Zeppole di San Giuseppe: the vegan recipe with sourdough

Vegan Zeppole di San Giuseppe with sourdough. The fried zeppola is one of the typical sweets of my region, Molise, but this dessert belongs to pastry tradition from all over the South of your country and, in particular, of Campania and Puglia. Thus, there are many variations and moments in which to consume them.

They are generally prepared in period of San Giuseppe (March 19) enough to be a typical dessert of Father's Day, but, depending on the uses and customs, they are made even at Carnival and Christmas.

The donuts that I propose are revisited in a vegan key, therefore without butter, milk and eggs, they have a circular shape and are garnished with custard and black cherry jam. The dough is prepared with sourdough, which makes them spectacularly good.


Ingredients (for about twenty donuts)

For the dough:

  • 500 gr flour
  • 500 gr potatoes he read squashed
  • ½ glass of seed oil of cold pressed sunflower
  • About 125 grams of mother pasta
  • Grated zest of 1 lemon bio
  • 60 gr raw cane sugar
  • 1 glass of vegetable milk, preferably self-produced (I used rice milk)
  • 1 pinch of salt

For the veg custard:

  • 3 tablespoons of potato starch
  • 80 grams of raw cane sugar
  • 500 gr of soy milk
  • Lemon zest and vanilla (optional)

For the garnish:

  • Sour cherry jam (possibly homemade)


Let's start by preparing the dough. Pour the flour into a large bowl, mixing it with the brown sugar and the sourdough. Mix by adding the potatoes, previously boiled and mashed, the seed oil, the grated rind of an organic lemon, a pinch of salt and 1 glass of vegetable milk. Add more flour or milk if necessary. The mixture that will rise must be smooth, elastic and homogeneous. Let it rise for 8-10 hours the dough in its own bowl, away from drafts and at a constant temperature, covering it with a cloth and a wool blanket.

Once risen, flour the pastry board, form some cords and give it the zeppola shape, forming a sort of L, taking care to squeeze the ends together, so that they do not open during cooking. Place the circles obtained on some squares of parchment paper, arranging them on a plate. Leave again rise for at least another 2-3 hours, covered with a cloth and away from currents.

At this point, prepare the vegan custard. In a non-stick pan, mix 2 tablespoons of potato starch and 50 g of sugar. Put on the heat over low heat, adding 200 g of soy milk a little at a time, always continuing to mix with a wooden spoon. Add the zest of half a lemon and bring to a boil, over low heat and continuing to stir. When the cream thickens, turn off and let cool.

Once the donuts have swollen, slide the circles from the squares of parchment paper in plenty of oil to to fry very hot. Turn them over to brown both sides. Collect them with a slotted spoon and leave to dry on absorbent paper. Once cooled, fill a self-made pastry bag with cream and garnish our donuts. Repeat with the jam.

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