Why eat seasonal vegetables?

Why eat seasonal vegetables?

Seasonal vegetables and biological rhythms 

Eating seasonal vegetables means respecting theharmony between man and the environment. 

According to the laws of nature, animals feed differently according to the seasons and this is important for the conservation of the species. Thanks to technology, man can potentially always eat what he wants, even without respecting the seasonality of the foods he brings to the table; however, the human species also possesses biological rhythms and following them helps keep you healthy. Respecting biological rhythms also means respecting the seasonality of the foods you choose and therefore eating seasonal fruit and vegetables. There is also a broader question that should not be underestimated: eating seasonal vegetables helps the environment and the economy, and this, once again, translates into an advantage for humans. 


Seasonal vegetables: more vitamins and less chemicals 

Seasonal vegetables, especially if you choose local or even local products, take very little time to arrive on our tables and therefore maintain a content more high in vitamins compared to vegetables which, out of season, have to go a long way before reaching us. The vitamin content, in fact, does not always remain unchanged and reduces over time; therefore the further we are from the harvest, the less vitamins the vegetables will contain.

If, then, we buy out-of-season products grown in greenhouses, we will probably have also brought home a certain amount of pesticides; in general, in fact, since high temperatures are not enough to grow vegetables in greenhouses, a massive quantity of pesticides and other chemicals is often used. However, a good habit is always to choose vegetables from organic farming, as well as seasonal ones.


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Seasonal vegetables and varieties 

One of the most important principles of a healthy and balanced diet is the variety. Consuming seasonal vegetables helps us to respect this principle.

In fact, if we always nourished ourselves with what nature offers us in a given season, we would follow healthier nutrition e more varied; we would not eat the same vegetables all year round and we would learn to change and follow those natural and organic rhythms we were talking about a moment ago.

Finally, eat seasonal vegetables it is also good for the palate: it is in fact a stimulus to always try different flavors and recipes.


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