The 2021 weight loss apps: here's how they work

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The mobile phone can help us lose weight. Hundreds of applications are available in online stores, free and payment, suitable for both Android and iOS, which promise to help us regain fitness.

But are they effective tools? "Using them to control weight can prove useful in this difficult journey," he comments Maria Grazia Nibali, medical specialist in food science and dietetics. "However, apps that only provide calorie calculations are unreliable. Food is made up of molecules: it also matters which nutrients it provides ».

Here are the five apps that have proven to be the most interesting and original. «But remember that no program can replace the doctor's opinion»Warns doctor Nibali.

For the most demanding and technological people

MyFitnessPall is one of the most downloaded apps in the world of wellness and is a valuable aid in the fight against extra pounds. Due to its complexity and the vast amount of data it can process, it is recommended for people who are more "technological" and skilled with smartphones.

Once you have downloaded the application it is important to establish your real goals and indicate your eating habits. In this way, every day you will have detailed reports on calories consumed, macronutrients and physical activity.

Premium version available for 9,99 per month or 49,99 € for one year.

For a short-term goal

Lose weight in 30 days As explicitly stated in the name, this app promises to make you lose weight with targeted exercises and in a short time. For this reason it is particularly suitable for those who love to play sports and eat without too many constraints.

The login instructions are simple and intuitive. And there is no need for any equipment to perform the training program as the exercises are all bodyweight. The app also monitors nutrition, offering helpful tips on how to speed up your metabolism.

Premium subscription for € 40,99 per year.

For those who want to try new diets

Lifesum Considered one of the best weight loss apps, Lifesum provides hundreds of different recipes that can be adapted to suit your diet. Recommended for the most curious people, who want to lose weight by discovering new foods and trying alternative diets such as paleolithic or ketogenic.

In addition, when you go to the supermarket, the latest version of Lifesum allows you to scan the barcode of the food purchased and see its nutritional content.

In addition to the free version, there are 3 types of subscription: one month for € 9,99, three months for € 21,99 and one year for € 44,99.

For those who often eat away from home

Yazio is a calorie counter that monitors physical activity and distributes the foods you eat among all the macronutrients, giving you tips to learn how to eat better.

It is the perfect app for those who often eat away from home, munch on snacks at the bar and don't know at the end of the day if they have eaten the right amount of protein, fat and sugar. Yazio keeps track of everything and makes eating plans based on physical activity. In addition, it has an extensive cookbook.

The basic version starts at € 6,99 per month, the most complete one costs € 35,99 per year.

For those who always need to be motivated

My Diet trainer It is a kind of role-playing game (including the avatar) and is dedicated only to women. Try to lose weight while having fun and focus on motivation day by day (also through progress photos).

Like a real lifecoach, he delivers tips, motivational messages and cooking lessons. For each milestone reached and kilo lost, he gives reward points to make virtual purchases for his avatar.

Premium subscription for € 4,99 per month or € 19,99 for one year.

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