If those who know us really love us, why be afraid?

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If those who know us really love us, why be afraid?

Last update: June 24, 2017

We propose an experiment, the ideal would be to record the results as a percentage. Sometimes our mind is invaded by too many contradictions, therefore, to see clearly, it will be useful to "locate" the important information and understand what happens when we are afraid of social contact, a feeling that we all feel sooner or later.

Retrace the memories of the people who have passed in your life. The ones that really hurt you, the ones that you simply struggled to endure, the ones that were indifferent or frightened you, the ones that made you feel good and the ones that gave you a state of euphoria and contentment.

If for the last two categories of people the percentage is significant, then think for a moment if the feeling in question was mutual. If, they are the people who love and respect you as you love and respect them. There are many more people waiting for someone like you to come into their lives and become a good reason not to let the "bad guys" nullify the desire to meet new people.

The sad thing is that it often takes a couple of low blows to turn us into half-living people, feeling like we have to hide something because we are told that you have nothing interesting to show. Know, however, that where these people have not seen anything, others have seen a wonderful experience at any given time. Isn't it time to change perspective and use a scale that is not calibrated on fear?

If you judge yourself, be fair to yourself

Ask yourself if you are part of that group of people who are contacted even at dawn, who listen to confidences and intimate secrets or who are involved to celebrate a success, ask yourself if others are interested in your life after many years ...

If they wish to see you, even if they would have to change plans and come home late to do so. If the people in your life have made you answer "yes", then you are already very lucky. Now ask yourself if you are able to awaken these feelings in others. Why are you so afraid of social contact? Why don't you want to open up?

Those who accumulate wounds and focus only on this, will hardly pay attention to the beautiful things we have talked about. If this is your case (or someone you know), we encourage you to change your perspective. In reflecting on your life, we ask you to also consider the people who love and respect you. Also think about what would have happened if many of the wonderful people you met had chosen to protect themselves so as not to be hurt: you would hardly have enjoyed their company..

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