Purple potatoes, properties and benefits

Purple potatoes, properties and benefits

Purple potato: nutritional properties and what they contain

Le purple potatoes have the same shape as the classic yellow-fleshed potatoes, are slightly small in size and floury in consistency. Self they have a different color it is because, unlike the yellow ones, they contain anthocyanins.

Just these flavonoids make purple potatoes a ally of health. In fact, they have the following features:

> antioxidants: like all other foods with a purple or blue color, and therefore rich in anthocyanins, prevent degenerative diseases and keep the body healthy;

> rich in mineral salts: in particular the potassium, ally of the heart and muscles;

> useful for the eyes: again thanks to anthocyanins, purple potatoes act against the natural aging of the visual faculties;

> rich in vegetable fibers and starches: for this they are useful for the bowel health and they have a great satiating power.


Where purple potatoes are grown

Purple potatoes originate from South America, from which they are imported, which causes them to have a particularly high price. However, they find a good soil for cultivation and growth also in France, where they are more used and known than in the country.

Purple potatoes can be more variety, always with a color that tends from blue to violet. It should be emphasized that they exist in nature, therefore they are not the result of GMO manipulation.


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How to cook purple potatoes

Purple potatoes are cooked like yellow potatoes and lend themselves to interesting recipes. The flavor however it is different, slightly more characteristic; it resembles that of cooked chestnuts.

La peel it is more leathery and thicker, so it is necessary to eliminate it before eating them. They can be consumed he read, or used to prepare mashed potato o gnocchi.

Remember that the consistency it is more floury, therefore it is necessary to keep a little more water or use foods that bind, such as chickpea flour or classic potato pasta.


Recipes with purple potatoes 

Present yourself in the form of chips and used to garnish dishes, purple potatoes add a touch of effect and amaze with their unexpected flavor.


Two-tone purple potato chips
These quick and healthy fries allow you to cook combine normal potatoes with purple ones, reaping all the benefits.

The potatoes are washed and peeled, leaving them in the water for about half an hour. Then they dry and cut into thin slices. They are passed in an absorbent paper cloth and spread on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, nebulising a little oil and (if desired) a little salt.

It is also possible to spread other spices to taste, such as ground ginger, turmeric, curry, or paprika.

Bake at 200 degrees for 20 minutes, or at least until they become dry and crunchy. The combination of selenium from yellow potatoes and potassium from purple potatoes makes these chips a real one good for the heart.

Enjoy your meal, in full health!


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