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Mass Period

Il mass period is the time when a bodybuilder aims to increase the size of his body, eating more calories, to then transform, at a later time, the mass obtained into muscle.

The duration of this phase depends on the weight you want to achieve.

When an athlete is in the bulking phase, will train with heavier weights than usual, in doing so the muscle will receive a greater stimulus.

Furthermore, it will be more complicated to do, for example, the usual 8 reps of a much heavier exerciseIn fact, it is precisely for this reason that in these cases the strategy of a high number of sets with a low number of repetitions is adopted.

Bulk phase routine

The previously explained method brings the muscle to maximum effort so that you can get maximum thrust while running and make the most of the results.

Each series (5-6) is composed between 2-4 or 4-6 repetitions, in order to allow the muscle to lift the maximum load it can bear.

The rest times between sets will be longer than the usual 30 seconds.

When you carry out exercises in which you tend to load more weight, such as deadlifts, the recovery times will increase even more, by doing so we will guarantee our body the same energy in each series, always managing to perform the entire exercise.

In such cases 2-3 minutes of rest they will be needed.


It is important to remember that during the bulking phase, it is good to train with weights higher than usual, approximately 70% -90% more than your maximum.

4-6 repetitions are ideal, as they will allow the muscles to work well with heavier weight.

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