Vegetarian recipes: 15 easy dishes from appetizer to dessert

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Do you want to bring a vegetarian menu to the table but don't know where to start? Here is a collection of vegetarian recipes easy that will allow you to serve a lunch or dinner prepared by you from appetizer to dessert, to amaze relatives, friends and vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests.

Remember some dishes of our tradition, like simple tomato pasta, they are already vegetarian recipes. Start from this premise to enrich your menu with vegetarian recipes easy to prepare and take a cue from our suggestions.


Vegetarian recipes: appetizers

Chickpea falafel

I chickpea falafel they are excellent to serve as an appetizer on a nice bed of fresh salad. You can prepare them starting from dried chickpeas, or more quickly from already boiled chickpeas, depending on the time you have available. THU recipe.

Spelled salad

THEspelled salad it's a really simple rice salad alternative to make. You can dress it with legumes, dried fruit, vegetables and vegetables of your choice according to the season. To serve it as an appetizer, prepare single portions in a glass. THU the recipes.

Sweet and sour peppers

This is a great recipe for making a quick appetizer but still very tasty and different from the usual. You can use the peppers of the color you prefer. Cooking the peppers in a pan takes about 15 minutes. To give the sweet and sour taste we recommend corn or rice malt. Here the recipe.

Vegetarian recipes: the first

Vegetarian carbonara

La pasta carbonara is a recipe that can be easily re-proposed in a vegetarian version. You could use cubes of zucchini, carrots, tofu or seitan instead of traditional ingredients. THU many recipes.

Vegetarian lasagna

The traditional recipe of lasagne plans to prepare a condiment based on tomato sauce and minced meat to obtain the ragù, but you can prepare vegetarian or vegan lasagna with numerous alternative condiments to meat. THU the recipes from which to draw inspiration.

Pumpkin and mushroom risotto

There are really many vegetables available depending on the season that are useful for the preparation of ours risotto. Here is an example of a vegetarian risotto to be prepared with pumpkin and mushrooms, but you can always choose your favorite ingredients. THU recipe.

Vegetarian second courses

Tofu and spinach meatballs

Combine the tofu with spinach to prepare some vegetarian meatballs tasty, crunchy on the outside and with a soft heart. You will also need salt, pepper, ginger, flour and breadcrumbs. THU the complete recipe for preparing tofu and spinach meatballs.

Cabbage rolls and curry potatoes

Un vegetarian main course with spicy potato filling thanks to the use of curry. You can prepare these rolls with cabbage or alternatively with chard leaves, depending on the season and the ingredients you have available. THU recipe.

Skewers of tofu and vegetables

Prepare the tofu skewers it's very simple. Brown the diced tofu in a pan and cook your favorite vegetables separately in the oven or steamed. Then compose the skewers of tofu and vegetables and eventually brown them in the oven to make them more crunchy. THU recipes to inspire you.

Vegetarian recipes: side dishes

Indian lentils

You can prepare the Indian lentils to be served as a side dish, for example to a second course based on seitan, to create a dish rich in proteins. Enrich your Indian lentils with herbs and spices: turmeric, ginger, curry, coriander. THU recipe.

Potato salad

Le potato salads they are good all year round. Warm or cold, they are perfect to serve in summer as a side dish or as a dish to take to the beach or for a picnic, accompanied by other seasonal vegetables. THU many recipes.

Artichokes alla your city

To prepare i artichokes alla your city you will have to stew these vegetables with parsley, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and mint from your city. We use artichokes of the type your city, red or violet. You will also need a little water for cooking. THU the complete recipe.

Vegetarian recipes: sweets and cookies

Homemade cookies

If you love preparing cookies at home, you could try to experiment with recipes suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. In this way you can also learn how to prepare simple and at the same time light recipes, for example without butter. THU the recipes.

Plumcake with chocolate drops

Il plumcake with chocolate chips homemade is a dessert suitable for any season both for snacks and for breakfast and will please everyone. The advice is to use dark chocolate chips or dark chocolate divided into flakes. THU recipe.

Apple pie

How many recipes do you know for making apple pie? Each family has their own recipe and at least one secret ingredient. There apple pie it is a classic dessert that everyone usually likes and you can prepare it in a vegetarian, vegan or even gluten-free version. THU the recipes.

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