Vegetarian recipes: 15 quick recipes to prepare

Are you undecided about the menu for lunch or dinner and you never know what to bring to the table? Here then we propose a collection of vegetarian recipes quick and easy to prepare suitable for all occasions and especially for when you have little time available.

These vegetarian recipes are suitable for everyone, they are quick to prepare and you can easily vary them according to the ingredients you have available and according to the seasons. They will be useful for preparing first and second courses, to which you just need to add a side dish of legumes or vegetables.

Pasta with green cabbage, leeks and turmeric

Pasta is one of the fastest dishes to prepare. The important is vary the toppings not to follow a too repetitive diet. This dish is based on wholemeal pasta with green cabbage, leeks and turmeric. THU the quick vegetarian recipe.

Vegetarian meatballs with yogurt and pesto

To prepare these vegetarian meatballs they will serve you yoghurt, pesto, soft cheese not too mature, eggs, herbs and spices. Among the ingredients we also find celery, carrots and onions, which you will have to finely chop to obtain the mixture of the meatballs. You can bake them in the oven. THU the complete recipe.

Quinoa salad

Prepare theQuinoa salad with summer vegetables. Boil the quinoa in salted water as usual. Drain it and pass it under cold water as you would for the preparation of a rice salad. Cut the cucumber into small pieces, the carrots into strips, the pepper into strips and the courgette into cubes. All the vegetables can be added to the quinoa directly raw. Dress with olive oil, lemon juice and oregano. THU many recipes with quinoa.

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Risotto Alle Nettles

For this recipe you can use the nettles fresh or dried nettles, which you can buy in a herbalist's shop if you do not have the possibility to collect them. Risotto with nettles is a really tasty and easy to prepare dish. THU recipe.

Quick veg sauces and dressings

There are so many veg recipes to prepare quick toppings and sauces suitable for both boiled or steamed rice and pasta. From turmeric and courgette sauce to walnut pesto, from basil-based Genoese pesto to condiments prepared with black cabbage. THU all recipes.

Meatballs made with millet, vegetables and turmeric

From the blog Natula your city we are suggested a tasty recipe for the preparation of vegetable meatballs made from millet, vegetables and turmeric. Your city of Natula recommends adding a little chilli pepper to their preparation, in order to enrich them with flavor if you love spicy. As for the vegetables to use, you can choose between leeks, carrots, courgettes, celery, peppers, potatoes and so on depending on the season. THU recipe.

Chickpea hummus and variants

THEhummus it is a really tasty preparation to be enjoyed accompanying it with bread or raw vegetables. The basic ingredient of hummus is represented by chickpeas, which are boiled and mashed or blended until a homogeneous cream is obtained, easy to spread. The recipe is faster if you have already boiled chickpeas available. THU the instructions for preparing the original hummus and its variants.

Potato pie with cabbage salad

A potato pie is perfect for any occasion, a simple and quick recipe to make, will leave your guests amazed who in just 50 minutes can enjoy a very tasty dish. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Spelled with broccoli your hometown

Just half an hour and you can serve this fantastic dish of spelled with broccoli la your cittànesco, a first course that can be enjoyed both hot and at room temperature. Here is the recipe for spelled with broccoli your hometown.

Instant Seitan

If you don't have time to prepare seitan from scratch starting from flour, you can still cook the pan-fried homemade seitan starting with a preparation that makes the recipe faster. THU all instructions.

Spinach and potato medallions

The spinach and potato medallions are a simple and quick recipe to prepare, perfect for the whole family, they will surely delight your children, and more. Here is the recipe to follow.

Carrots Sweet & Sour

Sweet and sour carrots are a simple and very quick side dish to make. You will need a few simple ingredients and the dish will be served on the table. Here is the recipe to follow.

Bulgur meatballs

Le bulgur meatballs I'm a prescription fast and easy to prepare vegetarian based on bulgur and potatoes that can be served as a second course accompanied by seasonal vegetables, or included in the courses of a cold buffet. Here the complete recipe.

Stuffed eggplant with bread

Based on stale bread homemade, cherry tomatoes, aubergines and basil, this dish can be prepared in no time. A crunchy external crust contains a tasty and soft filling that, if you want, you can also further flavor with the addition of olives and capers. Here the complete recipe.

Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers

The stuffed courgette flowers in the oven are a typically spring and summer recipe, they are easy to make but above all extremely fast. Just prepare the filling and put everything in the oven for a last minute recipe of sure effect. Here the complete recipe.

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