Vegetable burgers: the 4 best

    Vegetable burgers: the 4 best

    I vegetable burgers on the market can be divided into two categories: those based on soy or wheat gluten, rich in proteins, which are presented as meat substitutes, and those prepared with mix of vegetables and grains, sources of fiber, which resemble a garnish.

    "In any case, in drawing up my ranking I considered both the dose of the nutrients mentioned (the higher the better), and the amount of sugar, fat and salt, which on the contrary should preferably be low in order not to jeopardize heart health and not to cause weight gain ”, explains Diana Scatozza, dietician.

    Better because ...

    The general opinion on the organoleptic characteristics comes from Giorgio Donegani, who did the tasting test.

    «As far as I am concerned, I first evaluated the ingredients, rewarding them the products with the simplest formulation (with fewer “weird” additions) and bio ”, explains our food technologist.

    «I then looked at the raw burgers, giving a“ plus ”when the appearance was attractive and sincere and a“ minus ”when it gave the impression of being synthetic, fake. So I switched to cooking and again judged positively the preparations that looked like more natural and homely, with a perceptible and pleasant aroma, not too pungent, and an intense flavor, not excessively savory and well balanced.

    As always, in expressing my final vote I also considered the price, which for these vegetarian and vegan products is very often high, although the value of the starting raw materials does not justify it. Just think that on average they cost more than a good hamburger with fine meat ".


    Vegetable burgers: the 4 best Vegetable burgers: the 4 best Vegetable burgers: the 4 best Vegetable burgers: the 4 best Vegetable burgers: the 4 best Vegetable burgers: the 4 best

    Bio Appettì Burger Lupine with spinach: € 2,30 2 burgers of 90 g each (€ 12,8 / kg).

    The strong point. Lightness.

    Spinach is the first ingredient and hydrated lupine is the second. Potato flakes are then used (to give the right consistency), onion, rosemary and black pepper, all organic. The recipe is very simple and natural. Note that no oil of any kind is added.

    The scent is characterized by onion, but in the mouth you can also appreciate the scent of spinach and even rosemary. From a nutritional point of view, they look more like a side dish than a dish.

    In 100 g: 2,9 g of fat, 10 g of carbohydrates, 6,5 g of fiber, 5 g of protein, 0,53 g of salt, 99 calories.

    Vegetable burgers: the 4 best

    Valsoia. Vegetable burger: € 2,89 2 burgers of 100 g each (€ 14,45 / kg).

    The strong point. The addition of vitamin B12.

    The recipe is complex. These veggie burgers have water as their first ingredient, followed by restructured soy flour and then a series of vegetables. There is also the presence of 3% quinoa, while the oil used is that of sunflower.

    They do not contain preservatives, while stabilizers, acidity regulator and citrus fibers are used to give the right consistency. They are added with vitamin B 12. The scent is not intense, while in the mouth you can recognize the vegetables.

    In 100 g: 2,9 g of fat, 7,9 g of carbohydrates, 7,3 g of fiber, 10 g of protein, 0,76 g of salt, 112 calories.

    Vegetable burgers: the 4 best

    Ecor. Organic organic. Mini burger with spinach, peas and oats: € 2,70, 2 burgers of 70 g (€ 19,28 / kg).

    The strong point. The natural recipe.

    The ingredients are simple and organic: vegetables, peas, oat flakes, seeds and sunflower oil, thyme, paprika. There are no additives of any kind. The scent is that of vegetable meatballs and once in the mouth they actually give the same sensation, even if the taste of peas is perhaps a little intrusive. In any case, the whole is rightly tasty and pleasant.

    The nutritional profile, as for lupine and spinach burgers, is comparable to that of a simple side dish.

    In 100 g: 6,9 g of fat, 16 g of carbohydrates, 2,4 g of fiber, 5,6 g of protein, 0,9 g of salt, 153 calories.

    Vegetable burgers: the 4 best

    Kioene. Vegetable burger with eggplant: 2,85 € 2 burger of 100 g (14,25 €/kg).

    The strong point. The eggplants.

    They are prepared with restructured and rehydrated soy, but have aubergines as a characteristic ingredient (18% of weight). The oil used is sunflower oil. There are wheat gluten, onion, yeast extract, garlic and spices, starch, a thickener (methylcellulose) and a preservative (potassium sorbate).

    The scent is intense, pleasant and characterized, like the flavor, by notes of aubergine. The whole is quite successful and the consistency is not stringy.

    In 100 g: 12 g of fat, 14 g of carbohydrates, 4,8 g of fiber, 13 g of protein, 1,6 g of salt, 226 calories.

    OUR LAB: Doctor Giorgio Donegani, food technologist in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan); Doctor Diana Scatozza, specialist in Food Science in Milan.

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