The vegetables of spring

The vegetables of spring

Spring vegetable? The first that comes to mind is perhaps theasparagus which, in this season, can also be found in the woods, where it grows spontaneously.


Spring vegetables: asparagus

- asparagus contain polyphenols, saponins and a good amount of minerals. They have a diuretic effect and are therefore a valid help in case of water retention.

They are low in calories, but have a high satiety index, so they are an excellent ally for those who have weight problems and want to take advantage of the spring to get back in shape.

Due to the high content of uric acid, the asparagus DON'T however they are indicated for those suffering from cystitis, kidney stones, prostatitis and some osteoarticular pathologies.

Asparagus is excellent for making risottos, savory pies and side dishes. The wild ones are thinner and have a more intense flavor. 


But what spring weariness?


Spring vegetables: fresh broad beans

In spring it is time to nibble Fava beans fresh, another precious ally for those who want to get back in shape. In fact, fresh broad beans are about 4 times less caloric than dried ones.

But that's not all: fresh broad beans contain Levodopa, an amino acid that helps improve dopamine concentration in the brain. They are rich in iron e Vitamin C, which favors its absorption, and for this reason they are indicated in case of anemia. Finally, they boast a good content of dietary fiber and diuretic properties.

They can be eaten raw or lightly blanched. To benefit from all the properties it is obviously advisable to eat them raw.


Spring vegetable: lettuce

Among the spring vegetables also appear different types of lettuce e salad. There are many types of lettuce and salad; all, however, being particularly rich in water, boast remarkable diuretic properties. In general, lettuce also has a good relationship sodium / potassium and contains a good share of dietary fiber and vitamins.

Lettuce is usually eaten raw, but there are those who also love it grilled, boiled and even stuffed. The classic consumption, however, that is raw in salads, is the best way to fully benefit from all its properties. Always in order to get all the nourishment possible, lettuce must be purchased and consumed very fresh and must be washed and cut only shortly before bringing it to the table.

The salads that you buy already washed, cut and wrapped have lost most of their nutritional qualities.

If you want to prepare an excellent iMixed salad with spring vegetables, try mixing a couple of types of lettuce, a sliced ​​leek, a clove of garlic, fresh broad beans and a stalk of celery cut into slices; season everything with extra virgin olive oil, apple vinegar and a pinch of salt.


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