Water kefir, how to prepare it at home

Water kefir, how to prepare it at home

Kefir is a fermented drink that is simple to prepare but rich in health properties as it is one "active" drink, prepared from live ferments. The best known version is perhaps the milk kefir.

But perhaps not everyone knows that… kefir can also be prepared with vegetable drinks (soy, rice, almonds for example), for the vegan world, or even only with water, for a completely vegan, gluten-free and (almost) zero calorie kefir.

Prepare kefir in the house it's easy, let's start with i grains of Kefir, still water and some aromatic ingredients ... and then? Let's find out about water kefir and how to prepare it at home.


Water Kefir: how to prepare it at home, ingredients

We can prepare ourselves at home on water kefir and have fun varying tastes to our liking.


> 3 granules of water kefir;
> 1 l of natural water;
> 30 g of brown sugar or a handful of stevia leaves;
> 3 wedges of lemon or lime or lime or two tablespoons of blueberries;
> 1 dried fruit of your choice (apricot, fig, date or plum);
> 1 stick of cinnamon, or a pod of vanilla o ginger powdered (one teaspoon) or in slices (2-3 slices);
> 1 glass jar with a capacity of about 1,5 l;
> 1 tea towel and an elastic band.


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Water kefir, how to prepare it at home: preparation

In the glass jar pour the water and sugar (stirring until dissolved: eventually pour warm water to dissolve the sugar, then let it cool thoroughly) or the stevia leaves.

Then follow these steps: 

> Introduce the grains kefir, lemons or blueberries, dried fruit, cinnamon or vanilla or ginger;
> cover with the tea towel tied with a rubber band;
> let it rest at room temperature (about 20-22 degrees) for 48 hours, no more to avoid excessive fermentation;
> stir occasionally;
> before drinking, filter through a colander.


Water kefir, how to prepare it at home: notes


get a healthy and wholesome drink with water Kefir, here are some warnings:

> Do not use honey to sweeten, as it is not compatible with kefir ferments;
> The fruit, fresh and dried, and the spices used must be biological, in order not to release any harmful substance in Kefir;
> To slow down the fermentation process, you can leave the water kefir in the refrigerator;
> Water kefir can be used as a base for many centrifuged and smoothies made with fresh fruit and / or vegetables;
> In the water kefir is alcohol present (given by the fermentation of microorganisms) in quantities ranging between 0,2% and 1% depending on the type and percentage of added sugars, the fermentation time and the amount of air available; in anaerobiosis (without air, therefore with the container almost full of liquid and sealed with a metal cap) alcoholic fermentations prevail and a more alcoholic drink will be obtained. Let's take this into account when giving kefir to the elderly, children and people with liver or kidney problems.


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