The right foods to eat before and after your run

What eat before and after your run? Follow the suggestions of Leopoldo Cervo, nutrition biologist in Trieste (Leopold deer).


Provides energy without raising the glycemic index. On the contrary, it reduces the amount of the foods you will eat immediately after, avoiding the peaks of "reactive hypoglycemia", which lead to exhaustion.


It is a metabolic activator: it triggers energy consumption already in the brain. It therefore helps the body get going.


It feels full, so it doesn't tempt you to eat more snacks. It is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.


Eaten at the beginning of a meal, it creates a natural barrier to foods with a high glycemic index. Rich in water and mineral salts, it promotes rehydration.


Easily digestible, it contains proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals. It has a high satiety index, so it helps not to overeat after training.


Choose the blue one: it is rich in proteins and Omega 3, essential anti-inflammatory fats. The ideal is to consume it cooked in the oven.


Give away the benefits of carbohydrates by replenishing your sugar stores. Its protein value helps to repair muscle microtraumas.

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