The foods richest in vitamins

Among the most common foods, we have chosen those that contain the most of each vitamin. An example? For the A we have not indicated the liver, but the carrots.

The dose of individual foods refers to a portion, while the requirements indicated at the bottom is that daily average of each vitamin.

Vitamin A carrots

1148 mcg/100 g

Vitamin A is thermolabile and fat-soluble: it fears high temperatures and, to be absorbed, it must be accompanied by a fat.

The recipe ok? Raw carrots with extra virgin olive oil and chilli.

Requirement: 400 mcg.

Vitamin B12 octopus

36 mg / 100 g

Choose small octopuses to be able to cook them in a short time (15 minutes): vitamin B12 has an average resistance to heat.

Instead, avoid dishes that require a long cooking.

Requirement: 2 mg.

Vitamin B3 or PP anchovies

14 mg / 100 g

When exposed to heat, vitamin B3 deteriorates easily. With anchovies, however, you can prepare many recipes that do not require the stove:
are ok marinades or in salads, with raw spinach and grapefruit.

Requirement: 14 mg.

Vitamin C peppers

166 mg / 100 g

To fill up on Vitamin C (which is sensitive to heat). The ideal is to consume peppers raw together with other vegetables rich in this substance, such as rocket, cabbage, tomatoes.

Requirement: 60 mg.

Vitamin D mackerel

16,1 mcg/100 g

Vitamin D it also bears high temperatures: if you don't like the strong flavor of mackerel, prepare it with tomato, capers and olives. Without fat this fish already has enough.

Requirement: 10 mcg.

Vitamin E almonds

5,2 mg / 20 g

They are excellent added to salads, yogurt or fruit salad.

The important thing is that you consume them without toasting them, because vitamin E deteriorates due to light and heat.

Requirement: 12 mg.

Vitamin K salvia

171 mcg/10 g

To assimilate vitamin K you have to accompany it to a fat: sauté the sage in a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil and use it to season pasta or to flavor the chicken breasts.

Requirement: 140 mcg.

The multivitamin menu

I Easter that you find below were designed by Dr. Giulia Sturabotti: they assure you adequate doses of all the vitamins your body needs to function at its best.

If you don't like one of the foods listed, decide which one to replace it with by consulting the Food Composition Tables (

Instead of seafood, sources of Vitamin B12, you can for example choose octopus. Or replace the peppers with cabbage and dried fruit with a slice of bread and extra virgin olive oil. 

1 Breakfast

unsweetened white yogurt + 1 slice of toast with wholemeal honey + 1 banana

2 Snack

1 handful of mixed dried fruit (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts)

3 Lunch 

pasta with tuna + 1 egg (better soft-boiled) + spinach salad

4 Snack

1 smoothie of fresh fruit Seasonal

5 Price

Sautéed mussels and clams + mixed legume soup and whole grains + stir-fried mixed vegetables (carrots, peppers and pumpkin) + 1 kiwi

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